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Future KU center Embiid part of Nike all-star victory

Oh ye of little faith!

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Letter: Personal interest

jhawkinsf, that is some right purty dancin your doin! But I think Jafs wants to go somewhere and you just dance! Right purty though! Entertaining! Can you do that whirly-derby thing!

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Fiery debate over expansion of concealed carry, assertion of state gun rights as Kansas House advances bills

Let them have all the constitutionally protected guns they can afford, it is their constitutional right. But there is no constitutional right to ammunition!

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Elijah Johnson reclaiming role as Jayhawks' driving force

Proud to be a Jayhawk right up to the point that I read the comments above! I always wonder about fans that demand perfection from the players and whether they make the same demands on themselves. Get behind the kids, they are young and far from perfect, get used to that idea. If you want perfection, stand in front of a mirror and demand it of yourself. Once you achieve that; if you have attitudes like exhibited by those above, still sit down and shut up, you are not of the human race any longer!
As it turns out, the Jayhawks have been great to watch while I have been away from the Jayhawk national headquarters. I watch with a fresh eye unfettered by over demanding a--holes and their uninformed "all knowing" view points.

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Thomas shouldn’t get a pass on comments

Tom, on point, pointing at nothing!

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Thomas shouldn’t get a pass on comments

In the past thousands of years the Jews have been driven out of Isreal more times than the once they were driven out of Europe. So what exactly is your point?

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Obama policy on Iran is hurting U.S.

Hillary has hash? Good news!

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Signs point to recovery: Stimulus funds give $60M boost to area economy

Things are bad, very bad and they will always be bad. The world is lost, America will be destroyed. Socialism is destroying everything that has not already been destroyed by communism. Things will never get better! There is negativity in everything that is happening and everywhere that we look because all is lost. Please, just go ahead and do the deed, there is no reason to go on. America has an almost liberal, democratic president that is also half-black and until we have the "good old boys" back in power there is no reason to live. Things are bad, very bad and they will never get better.

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Self: AAU players aren’t funneled to KU

Jack, I think you soiled your diapers, want me to call your mommy? I am sorry that you didn't think that the skill set that you have and developed was given enough attention when you were young. Get over it you whining baby!

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Wal-Mart impact

Life derivatives! Brilliant! I can't see where that would cause any problems!

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