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U.S. disbelief in climate change persists, deepens

The climate change people do not want to change the world. They want to rule it.

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Obama proposal calls for the rich to pay higher taxes

The President says I am only going to soak the rich in the name of fairness. But the truth is that it will soak us all. Raising taxes is just that.

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Obama to propose $1.5 trillion in new tax revenue

Who do you really think pays for a tax increase? The oil company? The business owner?

You are a moron if you don't understand that we all pay for any tax increase.

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Crowd gathers in South Park in an effort to save Lawrence SRS office

The nearest SRS office is a one hour drive out west. But then not many people out here use or need SRS. Quit your whining or pony up the money.

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Obama proposal calls for the rich to pay higher taxes

Where do you think this money will come from? You raise taxes on business and they raise prices on the products they sell. Raise taxes on the oil company they raise the price of gas.

Trying to soak one american soaks all americans. This argument is so lame and childish, making the "rich" pay makes all of us pay, unless you believe that someone is going to lower their standard of living to give the government more money to spend.

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Social Security just a mandatory Ponzi scheme

Where is the money?

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What is your favorite YouTube video?

Rolling Stones "gimmie shelter" Amsterdam 1995. Lisa Fisher is soo wicked.

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Obama: Releasing bin Laden photos 'not who we are'

First they said they watched the raid happen real time. Now they are saying the feed was down during the assult inside the house. First they said UBL had a gun, Now they say he didn't.

Right or wrong they killed this guy in cold blood, and are running fast and hard away from any facts. I really don't care, but them I have no objection of waterboarding.

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What's the most you'd be willing to pay for a gallon of gas?

I remember my older sister learning to drive. Mom told her to pull into the Standard station and get 10 gal of gas. The attendent comes out and my sister asked for 10 dollars worth, and everyone started laughing. The car would not hold 50 gallons.

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The Free Market Is Not Your Friend

It is really a shame that the unions refuse to accept the fact that we no longer live in a post WWII world when we were the only mfg. base left in the world. But the fact is that we are no longer the only game in the world and havn't been for 40 years.

So put down your signs and get your ass back to work and make some world class products. That is the only option you have.

Better hurry the rest of the world is passing you by.

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