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Mizzou withstands Memphis rally

Mizzou fans were so excited, they didn't start chucking batteries at Memphis players until midway through the second half!

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Where's the outrage for Iditarod?

"A lot of us in the Lower 48, though, just don’t get it."

Pretty much sums up this article, doesn't it?

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School board candidate wants to bring budget skills to the table

In other words, lristh1230's perfect candidate would make a commitment to solving problems that don't exist.

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Better on radio

Can we put Ben in a Hall of Fame of some sort? The man is incomparable.

@ cato --
Don't know if you heard, but they fired Packer after last year. If there was one thing that could make me even more excited about the tournament, that would be it.

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Be prepared

In what sense did the government "mismanage" the conversion program? If you hadn't converted prior to the first deadline, you had no excuse. None. Don't blame the government for your problems. Take some responsibility.

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Veterinary service: Lawrence vet spays, neuters animals abroad

Sorry, Marion. We do forget from time to time that your ill-tempered xenophobic rants make the world a better place -- starting right here at home! Please forgive our collective ingratitude.

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A lesson learned

Raider is exactly right -- never go to the dealer, *especially* in Lawrence -- even if you and your family have bought a dozen cars from that dealer in the last two decades.

Local guys have always done right by me. D&D and Gateway have never done me wrong.

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Bringing neighborhoods' voices to the front is candidate's focus

Roger, don't start in with this false dichotomy between "either vote for this one, or you'll end up voting for developers." There are plenty of other candidates that generally echo her positions, and others who are not beholden to either the pro-growth or anti-growth idealogues in this town. Whether this particular candidate is at all competent to govern this town given the fact that she seems unable to govern her own day-to-day existence is a perfectly legitimate concern.

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Judge: Man not responsible for beheading

Why do I need to read these ridiculous comments? Could someone shed some life on why these people felt what they had to say was important?

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Bringing neighborhoods' voices to the front is candidate's focus

I, too, do my best to support local neighborhoods. Primarily by paying my taxes.

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