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Prep star delays decision

Ah, yes. The site that, immediately after Cole's triple double game had him staying another year. The site that had Chalmers going 15 to Phoenix last year. Well, proof enough for me.

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Three men receive probation in connection with January kidnapping

ebyrdstarr appears to be the only one on this board who knows what he/she's talking about. Most of the others are having trouble reading. Or racists. Or idiot Yellow House apologists. Or a combination thereof.

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Are you concerned about the recent wave of violence in Lawrence?

It must be exhausting to live in irrational fear.

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Insurers shun people taking certain meds and keep blacklist

Those first two comments, read back to back, perfectly sum up the situation.

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The Jayhawks (literally) gave the Michigan State game away

Well, you've got Logan 72 saying "I never coached a game of basketball, but I do know that statistics don't tell you anything." And you have every NBA front office and a near-majority of big-conference basketball programs saying "Wow, all these statistics are great. They really explain the game in ways I'd never thought of." So I don't know who to believe.

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The Jayhawks (literally) gave the Michigan State game away

I agree with duplenty. It was Sherron and Mario's excellent free throw defense that made Memphis miss all those free throws, thereby putting us in position to win the game. Complete skill. No good fortune involved.

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Mizzou withstands Memphis rally

"The Mizzou team that played last night would make cornish hen of The Jayhawks!"

Uh, the first time we played Mizzou we had an off night, Mizzou played a good game, and we lost by 2, on a last second shot. The second time we played Mizzou, we had a good game, Mizzou had a good game, and we won by 25.

Look, Mizzou played a good game last night, was so-so defensively, and would have been lucky to win if Memphis could hit a free throw. Good show and everything, but if you want people to believe in this team, you're gonna have to do better than Elite Eight every once in a ... ever.

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Abortion provider George Tiller found not guilty

Oh, I don't know if it's proof that the justice system "works." I'm pretty sure he broke the law, and the jurors just ignored it. I mean, kudos for them -- it's an absolutely BS, Big Brother law. It's just, you know, not how its supposed to work.

Whoa, STRS. Death of your children? Should I offer my condolences? Are you commenting on the right article?

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Mizzou withstands Memphis rally


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Abortion provider George Tiller found not guilty

God bless America. You people are the real heroes.

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