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Study: Kansas' smoking ban hasn't affected business in restaurants, bars

Now that they know it doesn't affect business, why are the casinos still exempt?

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GOP may push for repeal of state smoking ban

Wisconsin, Michigan, and recently a few other states, are the first victims of the "new improved" ban. After several years, the ban lobbyists are finally learning something about bars. Notice on page eighteen of their instruction book, the update instructing their tax exempt political action committees lobbyists to avoid starting bans in the winter, as was done with many previous bans. This way the real effects won't be seen for several months, until it gets dangerously cold. In the meantime they can flood gullible news sources about how "successful" the ban is for business before winter arrives. Here in Chicago, many bars patiently waited the first year for these new customers, but as the second winter approached, and the fanfare faded into forgotten history, many small working class neighborhood adult bars (not family restaurants that serve alcohol) had to decide whether to allow smoking, or close. Most successfully got their regular patrons back before winter set in. The only time the snitchline is called is when someone gets 86ed, even from the bars that comply. No one cares. Here's their instruction book for their tax exempt political action committees, with the update on page eighteen;

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Smoke law

Exemptions are not allowed. read the instructions;

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Parkinson signs statewide smoking ban into law

Here in Chicago. local politicians are glad that the state "took the ball and ran with it" They don't have to pick on the bars and churches that their patronage workers use. "Call the state, it's THEIR law LOL

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Parkinson signs statewide smoking ban into law

Why not just close all the bars that are close to the casino now? Here in Chicago, after over two years, many neighborhood (not "trendy") bars are forced to ignore the ban, or close. They patiently waited through the first winter for all these new customers who never showed up before they made their decision. Patrons, even non smokers, gladly contribute to the "fine kitty"

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State smoking ban will prohibit some outdoor smoking at Lawrence businesses

Here in Chicago, after over two years, the fanfare is forgotten history. After the first winter, many small neighborhood bars (not restaurants, no kids) had to decide to risk a few fines and allow smoking, or close. Generally, restaurants do ok with higher turnover and lots of call in orders "to go".

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Parkinson plans three events for smoking ban

There will be alot of partying on the street in front of the bars that comply during the summer now that people are forced to go outside. The neighbors will be rejoicing.

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Smoke-free state

Now that a bar is a "public place", does that mean that the bartender can no longer deny entry to anyone?

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Smoke-free state

Many neighborhood bars here in Chicago ignore the two year old ban to stay in business. The only snitchline complaints occur when someone gets 86ed from a bar, even those that comply. This seems to indicate that these ban people are religious fanatics who never have, and never will enter a neighborhood bar.

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Battle for statewide smoking ban looming

Exempting Casinos in many states certainly debunks the myth of bans not affecting business. It's a shame that lawmakers enjoy trampling on small bars that can't afford high priced lobbyists.

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