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Vaccine injuries

I did answer your question, but let's take a stab at playing the game your way, shall we? What's the safe level of water? Did you know it's a dangerous substance that causes deaths every year? I can't believe you're promoting a substance which you do not really know much about.

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Americans should rethink DREAM Act

No. You should also be banned from any chance of legitimately earning your own money. Analogy fail.

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Americans should rethink DREAM Act

It's only ok to take pride in your heritage if you're white.

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Kansas parents fear more school budget cuts

Inferior results compared to what? Compared to private and charter schools in the US? Got news for you, bub. That ain't the case. Nonpublic education gets the same results in the US when socioeconomic situation is accounted for. Compared to other countries? Sure. If you calculate how much we spend per student as a percentage of gross domestic product, we also spend much less than they do.

I'm not sure which job you think anyone is asking for 175k a year for only 4 hours a day, 9 months a year work, unless it's the teabaggy budget dude Brownback hired to squawk "tax cut tax cut" when the Koch brothers pull the string in his back, but the fact that you think teachers work that little shows you really should have spent a little more time in a classroom.

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Full-day kindergarten tuition in Lawrence faces fickle finances

Socioeconomic status is a good predictor of school success in this country. I do understand why, if they couldn't have full day everywhere, they picked the statistically poorest students first. It's expedient. That doesn't mean it's a 100% predictor of every single student who is going to need extra help.

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Kansas texting law takes full effect Jan. 1

Don't forget to check into FourSquare. You might become mayor of the turnpike!

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Full-day kindergarten tuition in Lawrence faces fickle finances

You had me until you got into neighborhood snobbery. "At risk" schools are determined by statistical averages, and some include both areas with apartment complexes and nice old Lawrence homes. Just because someone lives in a full-day school area doesn't mean they don't live in a nice neighborhood or can't afford to feed their kids. kthxbai.

PS - I do totally agree that full day should be an option for everyone. I'd be willing to pay extra tuition for it, but I think they should waive tuition in the case of special needs students.

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Full-day kindergarten tuition in Lawrence faces fickle finances

Yes, that's exactly why we sent our kids to an all day program. We needed a babysitter. It had absolutely nothing to do with the changes that they have made in the kindergarten curriculum (for good and for bad, frankly) but with our own laziness. We also don't need to look at evidence to see if something is effective, we can just think about whether or not it's how we handled it when we were kids. Thanks so much for clearing that up with a broad and sweeping generalization.

PS - the lunch room is very well organized and separated by grade. Kindergarteners do have the occasional potty accident, but they're prepared for it (just as with the half day programs,) and my kids didn't suddenly stop being children when they turned five.

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Full-day kindergarten tuition in Lawrence faces fickle finances

Those of us inferior parents who prefer to have our kids attend the full day kindergarten in spite of having a stay at home parent were, in fact, given a choice in the matter. At least I remember being offered a half day program if that's what we preferred, but being the total meanies that we are, we chose to force them to grow up with things like learning the exact same curriculum that they'd be learning in the half day program, only with more time to learn it.

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Town Talk: Famous Dave's makes it official; new location for other BBQ restaurant; city boundaries actually shrink in 2010; the case of the one-finger salute at City Hall

I've eaten at the ones I've listed, and I've had a few more, like Zarda's that I didn't list because I wasn't that impressed. I've even had infamous Dave's. I've lived in the KC area for a very long time, and I like BBQ.

BTW, don't tell Marshalus, but I didn't thing Vermont Street was all that. Their service was slow, and their BBQ wasn't that special. Good sweet potato fries, though.

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