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Mail deliveries interrupted by snow; normal schedule should return Saturday

I live downtown and the trucks didn't arrive till 3 this morning and have been working solid since then. All the streets down here weren't even plowed until today, so don't get mad that Lawrence is paying to much attention to downtown. When I was driving last night Iowa, 9th, 6th, 15th and 23rd street were "plowed" the best anywhere in town, everything else was practically untouched.

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Editorial: Transit hub

That's what I am going to grad school for, I did a project on getting a bus added to West Lawrence for the The Grove and Legends Apartments last year (I don't know if it was before KU was planning theirs) and it was added this year. Don't want to self-promote myself but I think I got a knack for this sort of thing.

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Editorial: Transit hub

I did a transit study last year in one of my classes at KU on the current transportation system in Lawrence and its appalling, especially the KU bus system which people think is so great actually is flawed in many many ways. It seems the transit system is focused on what town was like 10+ years ago and not what it is now. From the study I did it appears they do not or are afraid to change any routes in town even though ridership is almost non-existent compared to places that really need the buses. IMO I feel like the T and KU on Wheels can become at least twice as successful with a complete overhaul of the route system and how it operates time wise. To bad anyone that works for the T/KU on Wheels route planning will never see this article or post, I feel like I can really do some good with this issue in town.

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Town Talk: City trying to determine what type of fine it can levy on Varsity House project; Deciphera undertaking new strategy, rumors of layoffs

I know the building has historic values, but seriously the city wasn't doing anything to maintain or preserve it. From the first day I came to town it has in my eye been an eye-sore on the edge of campus in a very nice and historical district/neighborhood. There was no signage explaining what the building was, but instead an empty gravel lot next to a building which looked like it was abandoned many years back because of unfit living conditions and no developer wanted to buy the lot. What Fritzel did might not have been what the city wanted, but its what the city need to do and just won't admit it. I have taken many historical preservation classes at KU and this appears from what I have read that the building needed to be torn down. Yes they could have rebuilt it using original techniques but it wouldn't have lasted. How they are doing it now is fine, JUST as long as they use the proper materials on the exterior and interior to make it appear as a period piece without making it look fake or messing with dimensions and details of appearance and floorplan.

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$20 million gift to help build new business school

Coincidence that this gets published the day after I made a comment about this yesterday on another story? Maybe, but I am sure glad to see a final design of it, and that it is a great looking building too. Wish it could come sooner than 2015/16 though

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KU hiring campaign under way

You probably aren't going to see this now, but... yea, LJW just published the article on the new B-School. No mention of Renzo in the article, but while I was visiting the Perkins and Will office in Chicago (not the lead office, its being designed in Minnesota) I could have sworn they did mention that Renzo was collaborating with them, but it could just be a mixed memory from something that I was told earlier that was just a rumor.

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KU hiring campaign under way

As far as looking on the internet you are not going to find anything about the new Business School plans, but I as a current KU arch student I can confidently say that there are concrete plans of building a new business school on campus which will be designed by Renzo Piano with collaboration Perkins & Will. Last I heard of the project they haven't decided on a location yet but I assume it will be in the field next to Robinson or where the tennis courts are with some relation to the new Student Center/Museum being built at AFH.

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Library project moves forward

Ok, hear me out, this building is perfect for downtown. If your going to build a new building it shouldn't try to look old, it should stand out and show that its new. I am glad the architect knew this and echoed the want that Lawrence has to be a great modern city with a long historical background. The new library will in no way hurt the downtown area, in my opinion the new buildings along New Hampshire that tried to look like the older stylings of downtown look worse than this. Keep in mind that good architects know that if your building wasn't from the time period your in now then don't try and make it look like it was from there, you will fail horribly and create an eyesore that will last forever.

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KU hiring campaign under way

I don't understand how they can pump so much money into one school and ignore the rest. I know for a fact the Architecture school is horribly underfunded and cramped for space causing most of the classes being taught in the program that aren't studios to be scattered around campus is various other buildings. I understand KU is spending big money for the new Renzo Piano Business School, which is good because the B-School really needs to get out of Summerfield, but they should really look into supporting their other schools too. The engineering school just got a new building (that includes faculty for the new spaces/curriculum available), they should go to the bottom of the list now and give schools that haven't seen any funding an option for growth. I know the physics/science department would also enjoy a new building instead of Malott which is far beyond its lifespan and effectiveness.

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