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Former KU athletic director in hospital after bicycle accident

Best wishes to Dr. Frederick and his family. Let's all hope they make it through this.

As far as the rode is concerned, there has been construction along the north part of Kasold where it intersects with sixth street, for several weeks. Orange cones have marked where the road is dug out along the curb. I'm not sure that describing what he struck as a pothole is entirely accurate (if, indeed, he struck the long swath where the road has been dug out). I drive along that route every morning, and honestly cannot say whether it has been filled in or not.

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Wedding plans stopped, Egyptian cuts off penis

Wow, what a half cocked thing to do.

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Repairman on trial in indecent liberties case

What happened? Did he expose his butt crack (norge) while fixing the families dryer?

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Kansas House committee approves 5 percent pay cut for state employees

Think_about_ it is a grade A douche bag who would rather stir the pot with his/her anti-govt. employee rhetoric than present any valid points.

As as been stated previously, state employees are responsible for the running and maintenance of the state's infrastructure. You complain about how this money is forcibly taken from you. I'm sure you don't complain when your highways are maintained, your children are educated, etc. etc. etc. You are paying for a valuable service. If you have issues with the cost versus return for your investment, then by all means research the budget and make informed comments to your representatives. Or, preferabl, you could find a nice little swath of land in Antarctica that hasn't been claimed and set up your abode there.

As far as state employees being lazy and unable to cut it in the "real world", that's as asinine a generalization as I've ever heard. Previous to my job at KU, I worked in the private sector for my entire life. I could regale you with stories of how the private sector is full of a$$ kissers with no talent, who play games to get ahead-as well as how talented, hardworking people are passed over because they prefer not to get their noses covered in feces. But that would be a generalization akin to yours, and would do a disservice to all of the hardworking people in the private sector.

You see, there is waste and office politics regardless of your place of employment. My advice to you is to get the chip off of your shoulder and discontinue talking out of your A$$.

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State suspends paying income tax refunds, may miss payroll as budget tightens


I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for them to suspend their own paychecks. I don't know who they think they are fooling by pulling this little "stunt", but hopefully it will backfire in their fat faces!

BTW, have you spoken to Joel lately?

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Simons: Obama a strong campaigner but an untested leader

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KCMO PD: Think twice before going for goalposts Saturday

Fat Tony said:
The Chiefs need those, all they can do is kick field goals.

Tony, you obviously didn't watch the game last Sunday. They can't even do that.

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Does KU's Self make too much money?

I like how he conveniently failed to mention UCLA's Ben Howland's contract. I guess it falls under the category of "others".

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Baby names: Michaels, Amys give way to Aidens, Emmas

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Manners for all seasons


Thanks, I couldn't pass that one up.

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