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Development roundup: the Kasold curve, Myers Liquor and more speculation about a downtown restaurant

There is still a Taco Grande in Hays, KS. I stopped there on the way back from Colorado last summer, and loaded up on Sanchos. They were as good as I remembered.

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KU chancellor tells students: Don't expect canceled classes if Jayhawks win national title

She's just pissed because KU beat North Carolina.

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What is your favorite food for Thanksgiving?

Hhhmmm, I wonder if Hannah would let me taste her cherry pie?

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Longtime doctor offers perspective on changes in health care

I second that Dr. Yockey is an excellent physician. He treated my at Watkins and was then my PCP for years (before he took on his current position). He is one of the best physicians that has ever treated me (next to my current one, Dr. Cordova).

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Sarah Palin: It's Your Birthday! What Your Gift Would Be

I'd give her a Dirty Sanchez, then kick her to the curb.

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Blizzard’s gone, but roads remain snow-covered

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Blizzard’s gone, but roads remain snow-covered

I'm not going to take the bait and argue pro or con regarding smart growth. Frankly, I'm not an expert, nor do I really care after the fact. However, there are plenty of large metropolitan/suburban areas near here that have similar tax bases, neighborhood layouts and sufficient numbers of snow removal crews. I don't know if this is an equipment or manpower issue; however, from the the comments I've seen so far, as well as some info I gleaned from a tow truck driver, the city's snow removal plan has been seriously lacking.

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Blizzard’s gone, but roads remain snow-covered

Hey West sider, I don't own a Prius, but I'll admit, my car doesn't have much clearance. Wonderful logic you are spewing. So I should give up decent fuel economy so I can navigate on a snow covered street (once a decade) that the city should have cleared by now? Maybe, just maybe if my property taxes didn't pay for basic city services, then your flawed logic would skew towards sanity. In the real world, however, you are just full of crap. I'd like to tell you to shove it up your ass, but LJW would just remove my post, hehe.

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Blizzard’s gone, but roads remain snow-covered

I live on Lakecrest rd/ct, and there has not been any plowing done. Stop patting the city on the back for doing a craptastic job. Sure, I'll give a nod to the crews that ARE working. However, there must be a serious shortage of manpower to leave so many streets unplowed for 3 days. I'm not sure if the management or budget gods are to blame, but I'm pretty pissed off right now. We have absolutely no way of getting out to the store, let alone work (are you listening KU?). If you think I'm whining, then come on by and check out my street, otherwise, shut the f*(ck up!

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Are you going to get vaccinated against the swine flu?


It is of course your choice not to have the vaccine, but you should know that complications from the flu vaccine are much less likely to occur than actually catching the virus you are being inoculated against. Why the paranoia regarding the government's truthfulness? The quantities are currently limited due to the fact that this virus grew much more slowly than the strains typically used in the seasonal flu vaccine. Additionally, no live virus is injected; only the inhaled, flu mist version contains live virus (and it is weakened to the point of not being able to reproduce). Your body produces antibodies in response to the introduction of viral antigens.
All of this is basic science taught in most high school or college biology/health classes. What, exactly, doesn't make sense?

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