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Kansas shifts plans on license renewals

With electronic medical records becoming the norm, give the option of online renewal (with the test--I still can't believe that they don't require it any more) if you have had an eye exam in the last three months and a copy of the exam is on file with the state.

Log in, check the status of the eye exam, read through a synopsis of the traffic rule updates since your last renewal (or read the entire handbook if you so choose), take the test, and if you pass the test and your doc says your eyes are OK, hold still while your web cam takes your photo, and wait for the license to show up in the mail.

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Kansas faces looming teacher shortage

We need to pay teachers a lot more than we do now, but we also need them to have a Master's in their subject matter. They not only need to be able to teach the material to the students (and know when the textbook has errors and be able to prove it), but they need to be able to explain the lessons and defend their teaching methodology to ignorant and hostile parents.

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What did you do today to stay cool?

I walked just over a mile round-trip to go to lunch to enjoy the warmth before winter hits.

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Nearly 200 cited or arrested by special police detail working college party crowds

What I'm saying is that my pins are marking my property line and that they're many feet back from the curb, much less the street centerline. I think some older plats had the property line at the centerline of the street and the city gets an easement from that, but in my case the city owns the street and a fair bit on either side, no easement required.

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Nearly 200 cited or arrested by special police detail working college party crowds

No, the north-south blocks are 660' long and the crosswalks are halfway, so 330'. That makes the longest distance to a crossing point 165'.

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Nearly 200 cited or arrested by special police detail working college party crowds

I had my lot surveyed last year. My front pins are about 16' back from the curb line, so the city actually owns about a third of my front yard.

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Letter: Wetlands not ‘vacant’

You mean the cost of the litigation from ramming it through an inappropriate location.

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Longtime art glass business in jeopardy after city declares studio uninhabitable

It's not just finding a space, it's getting the equipment out of the existing space. If they have to put people in hazmat suits to effect the move, that'll make it that much more expensive.

Some of the rehabbed space down at 9th & Pennsylvania might accommodate them, though.

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Letter: Wetlands not ‘vacant’

It's actually demonstrating the benefit of having a wetland. The algae is living on fertilizer runoff from lawns in that part of town that would otherwise end up in the river and contribute to the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Editorial: Unsightly structure

Maybe they should have gone down instead of up with the parking area.

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