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Have you ever had problems with the maintenance of a place you lived?

I had a duplex behind my property that sat vacant for several years.

I never become a landlord because of experiences my family and friends have had. One friend had a nice ranch house. Because of children in the house, he could not evict them for non payment of rent. When they finally moved out he found that they basically had destroyed the house and he was forced to tear it down. He decided to sell the lot and not rebuild.

The duplex behind me had several tenants. Most were good decent neighbors, but one couple had 20 plus dogs. They never did clean up the yard. Finally the City health department had to forciablly evict them and clean up the place.

Our neighborhood is going downhill because the only people who can get the money to buy a home is investors. The investors rent the home out, them fail to maintain the home. The house next door has been the subject of police drug raids, multiple tenants, and needs a lot of maitenance. Because of the condition of this house, my resale value has dropped and no one is interested in buying my home except investors.



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Letter to the Editor: Voting lesson

Suggestion. Raise the penalty substantially on anyone who helps procure or participates in an illegal vote. If appealed, and voter fraud proven, person would be banned from entering the USA or territory for every or be subect to summary execution.

My right to vote is important to me. The illegal vote takes away my rights. So follow what our neighboring countries have done.

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Column: Outdated attitudes revealed

Because as an independent, I believe that all elections should be non partisan. Each canidate would be required to run on their own. The primary would be open to al voters. As an example, maybe it would have been Barry vs Hillary in the general election rather than Barry vs John. As JFK once said, "Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future." - John F. Kennedy

If I was a Republican, I do not want to be treated like a piece of junk machinery that has outlive its usefullness. The reasons that I am an independant, is that their are bad canidates in both parties. If you do not support you party's canidates, you future in the party is limited. That is why dictors ban other political parties but their own.

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Have you been following the race for the 2nd Kansas Congressional District?

The above response reminded me of a letter sent to a newspaper about a writer who resorted to childish name-calling in expressing displeasure. The writer reminded discussed a truth in communication that I am grateful to have learned. That truth is that a speaker or writer whose words would be received as credible will choose vocabulary for its clarity in expressing reasoned thinking, and never, ever, will resort to name-calling of ones who think differently. The occasion to express thoughts will be used to offer the best ideas that support the stance on the issue. When the occasion to communicate is used in any part for name-calling it is like a giant sign has been posted that states: “I am out of any credible thoughts on this issue, hence I am forced to indulge in childish name-calling.” Thoughtful, intelligent adults do not resort to name-calling.

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Column: Outdated attitudes revealed

Democratic canidate are having a tough time defending the Democrat party and its platform. So they must become tougher. As an independant, I feel I have no choice in this election. The Democratic party goes against the moral standards and historical standards that our forfathers fought and died for. As for my faith, it is derided, just like the Muslims are doing to Christians in the Middle East. So we can end up like Syria and the Middle East. And woman, forget about the progrees made over the years. Your rights will disapear, once the Muslims take over.

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Burglary cases are all over map

Texas has no State Income taxes. They also use their capital punishment. When was the last time a person was executed legally. Recently the parole board let out a convicted murderer, who along with other persons wanted to kill an exgirl friend. Unfortionately, she and move out and another person had move in, and he was the person they murdered.

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Burglary cases are all over map

But don't answer the door bell. A young lady answered her father door bell in Las Vegas. She was aducted, however the police was able to bring her back safely because the perpetrators were discovered because of a neighbors survellience cameral. Ever been to Mexico? Now you know why the rich live inside compounds. Bet you they are armed.

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Burglary cases are all over map

No, but liberal appointed judges and procecuting attorneys do.

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Burglary cases are all over map

Suggest you talke to the mother of the grade school girls in Topeka who was abducted during a robbery.

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Burglary cases are all over map

Hope your ignorance keeps you happy. Meanwhile rich liberals are an inviting target. And watch out if you have young girls in you home. Topeka has seen grade schoold girls abducted, raped, killed and stuffed in dryers. And Topeka is not that far away.

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