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100 years ago: Driver in yesterday's auto fatality arrested

It would be interesting to do a follow up story about the car accident and what it was like to drive in Lawrence in 1913. What type of car was being driven, how much did it cost, how much did fuel cost, how was it registered and what did it cost. etc. Also would be interest to know about the traffic law, more about the driver and the deceased, and how did the case turn out?

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Letter: Patrol problem

Let us not forget what emergency personnel go through when dealing with an accident. Especially cleaning up the victums so needlessly killed, Or about the rehab hospitals dealing with the severly injured. Have you heard the commercial for a funeral home that says: Be careful, we can wait.

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If you couldn’t get a Twinkie, what would you reach for?

A Girl Sout cookie. Very good and helps the Girl Scouts. Buy extra, freeze them so you can have them year around.

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If you couldn’t get a Twinkie, what would you reach for?

More nutritious than a Democrat full of empty promises

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Opinion: Girl makes miracle recovery

Have you forgoton the American Musilim girls being punished by their families.
Have you forgoton about the teenage girl who was raped, then forced to marry her rapist because of family honor. She killed herself.
And now the push for Sharia Law.

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Twinkies no more? Hostess demise fuels fears

Everyone is crying about the loss of jobs due to the closing of Hostess. How many of you have pension plans invested in Hostess.

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Twinkie manufacturer Hostess moves to liquidate after crippling strike

Hostess produced junk food that Queen Michelle is against. How dare the Democratic controlled Union want to continue producing something that is against her wishes.

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Do you think alcohol should be served at KU football games?

When you get tired of watching KU or KState get stomped, you can always watch the drunks. Went to the Country Stampede. I was funny watching them puke.

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Democrats, GOP argue over who cut more school funding

The problem with our education system is that its primary purpurse is not education but social justice or political correctness. In the process, the have taken away incentive for a student to succeed, because they do not want to hurt the ones who are not capable of suceeding or or do not want to succeed.

To fix the education system, I suggest the following:

1) advance a student only when the have met criteria for advancement

2) no one under 18 can work over 10 hours a week nor work after 9:00 pm unless they met college entrance criteria,

3) no one under 18 will be issued a drivers license unless they have met completed college entrance criteria,

4) Any teacher must have professional education in the subject they are teaching. As an example, an accounting teacher must have sucessfully completed college level accounting courses.

5) A teacher would be require to work in private industry 1 years for every 3 years they teach.

peka, they took computer resources away from the "west side" schools, and gave it

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