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Curling booming again

This is great. It only costs $15 to go learn through this group. Well worth the money!

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The fairer sex: Female fantasy-sports junkies stake their claim in a male-dominated game

Ouch! I could clearly never be a journalist because these critics are brutal and I can’t keep my mouth shut. Who knew a light-hearted story about a hobby could deeply offend someone, morganlefay? Thanks for calling me stupid AND disgusting; that was super kind.

FYI, I don’t draft the exact same lineup every year, as that would be ridiculous - and I would never win. I have just repeated a few players from year to year who score well and are dependable, (i.e. a QB who never misses a single game for injury.)

We play in this league with people who have been our best friends for 15 years, but who live scattered all over the country, so it mostly serves as a vehicle for keeping in touch and giving each other a lot of crap… but make no mistake – I want to WIN!

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