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Same-sex married couples file lawsuit against state over tax treatment

I was born and raised in this fine state of Kansas. I fought publicly and courageously against the unconstitutional ban on marriage equality in 2005. I have continued to courageously fought for equal treatment under the law for all Kansans. Apparently, M. Lindeman you feel that if one knows that they live in a hostile environment and don't keep their head down in fear they have now right to call themselves or others who do the same courageous. I would like to see how courageous you would be stating your views in the middle of of the Castro in San Francisco. The couple who have filed suit to correct an injustice and end a discriminatory policy are courageous because they are now in the public eye and will face the slings and arrows of those good "Christians" who hate them.

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Opinion: ‘Other’ Christians need to speak up

First, what did Jesus say about gay people? Nothing. Stop blaming Jesus for anti-gay bias. Now for religious freedom. What about the religious freedom of people who's religion is just fine with gay people? If I'm late for church and I'm speeding and get a ticket is that an infringement on my religious freedom? The business owners claiming religious freedom are in violation of discrimination laws. They don't get to violate the law and claim religious freedom just like I don't get to speed on my way to church.

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Armored vehicle, recently bought by Lawrence police with federal grant, appearing on city streets

For as little action as this Armored Car will get why the hell didn't they buy a used bank truck?

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U.S. Supreme Court rulings on gay marriage could affect Kansas

The sodomy laws in Kansas have never been removed from the books.

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U.S. Supreme Court rulings on gay marriage could affect Kansas

It's time to start investing in everything related to weddings such as cakes, tux, dresses, travel, and yes divorce. Leave it to gays to give the economy a kick in the azz.

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It’s Brownback vs. Graves in Republican Party fight

Can't somebody take one for the team, please? We just need to catch Browneye with his pants down in a wide stance. The ol' grrl doth protest too much.

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Archaic beliefs

Men, if you are against abortion, then get a vasectomy. Otherwise, an egg is not a chicken.

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Kansas Equality Coalition challenges Pauls candidacy

Why didn't Jan Pauls register at the vacant duplex that she owns while they bring the vacated church up to code for in-habitation? She knows the rules, she is a former judge, a current attorney, and has been an elected official for two decades. Book her, she's going down!

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Obama announces support for gay marriage

Christianity used to have same sex weddings in the church with full blessing of the priests. The statement that one man one women marriage is and always was the only recognized union is completely false.

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Obama announces support for gay marriage

Should we forget about all of the brave and patriotic soldiers who left behind partners who will remain unrecognized? What about their loss? Let's just forget about their benefits.

Jobs and healthcare are important to gay people too. Should we forget that healthcare automatically available to hetero's is often not available to partners in gay relationships.

Homeless kids? How many of those kids are homeless because their family tossed them out because they came out as gay?

Gay divorce is just a hoot! Sure, laugh at others misery.

If you really want to stop hearing about it, then quit your kevetching and help the cause instead of pretending that all of those big issues don't effect gay people and that we can't fix the inequalities that exist in rights while at the same time dealing with those issues.

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