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Proposed bill could allow criminal prosecution for teaching 'harmful' materials

Okay, so you know how all the uber right wing Bible wackers keep saying that the libs want to outlaw Christianity and ban the Bible from the public square? Well that's a crock of steaming BS. It's the Bible Bangin' Biddies like Mary Pilcher-Cook who will be responsible for banning the Bible.

Do you know how much smut there is in the Bible? It pales in comparison to that poster. Case in point.

New International Version Ezekiel 23:20
There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses.

When mommy asks little Johnny what he learned at school today he can tell all about the Whore of Babylon and her size queen ways. Next thing you know the Bible gets banned and we will all have Mary Pilcher-Cook to thank.

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Brownback: Kansas should defend gay marriage ban

A marriage license is not a sex license. If it were more people would have a big grin on their face every morning. The behavior excuse is false because it assumes that THE GAY is a choice and if gay people wanted equal rights they could just stop that nasty business. One cannot choose who they are sexually attracted to. Think it can? I suggest you choose to be gay for a year then get back to us.

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Brownback: Kansas should defend gay marriage ban

Loving V Virginia which ended bans on mixed race marriage found that marriage is a fundamental right as is the right to pick the spouse of one's choosing. Sexual orientation is not a choice or a behavior. Sexual orientation is a state of being and a natural and normal variation of the Human Condition. Race is innate as is Sexual Orientation.

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ACLU to challenge Kansas gay marriage ban; couples turned away

Of what possible relevance are other states advice in this matter? Come on Schmidt, face the facts, you have no case. There are couples going to the court houses just to be refused so that they can be part of a law suit that you will not, cannot possibly win. Give it up!

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Rulings give Kansas couples hope for same-sex marriages

What exactly do you imagine the SCOTUS is supposed to do? How is your life being tyrannized. Did a mob of angry bigots right laws to take your civil rights away? The SCOTUS is supposed to reign in the majority if they violate the minority's rights. Do they even teach civics class anymore?

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Court rules for Democrats; It's Roberts vs. Orman for U.S. Senate

Commence the weeping, gnashing of teeth and moaning of "activist judges".

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Editorial: Election integrity

The biggest election fraud is allowing Pat Roberts on the ballot. He is lying about his residency. Signed documents of trust for his mortgage on his Virginia home state that it is his primary residence. So either he is lying about his residency for Kansas Senator or he is lying about his residency for his home loan. Either way it is corrupt. Pat Roberts wouldn't be able to legally register to vote in Kansas under Kobach's rules.

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All parties in U.S. Senate race closely watching Kansas Supreme Court

Kobach is not uniformly applying the law that he is citing to deny Chad Taylor's request to remove his name from the November Ballot.
Miranda Rickel, a Kansas State University student who withdrew from the race in House District 5 this August, said in her letter that the combination of a research project and the jobs she works to pay tuition prevented her from running.
“After long reflection and discussions with my family and teachers, I have concluded it will be nearly impossible for me to handle all this and still run an election campaign that the voters in the district deserve,” Rickel said.

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Kobach: Democrat Taylor must stay on Senate ballot

Clay Barker says there has to be a reason. That isn't what the law says. Anyhoo how can a candidate fulfill the duties of the position if they don't want the job? Kobach is selectively enforcing this bit of nit pickery. Kobach didn't quibble one bit when in previous races candidates dropped out for their own reasons or no reason at all. It is nobody's business why Taylor chooses to drop out. A SOS should just say thanks and make the ballot as it ends up at deadline not get involved in the partisan fray. Kansas needs Jean Schodorf for SOS.

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Kobach explains his delinquent tax listing

Kobach said that was because he appealed the valuation on the property, which he said increased significantly in the past year. Kobach put an "agricultural building" or more accurately a house with a kitchen, bedrooms, a bathroom and lots and lots of storage room for farm equipment...wink, wink on that rural Douglas County property. Then he acts incredulous that his taxes went up.

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