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Contractors say county getting overcharged for roof work

We've been following this dialogue with interest and have noticed one crucial element missing from the conversation. In all this talk about the locality of providers, the length of warranties, and the cost of materials - the one thing overlooked is our proven track record of performance.

Not only has the Garland Company been faithfully servicing public institutions for the past 118 years, but locally based Garland technical representative Greg Leslie has been working for your local communities for almost 25 years.

How does a company create a track record of consistent performance that spans decades? Quality project management is critical to ensure long-term value. Mr. Leslie continues to work with many Kansas customers based on his ability to solve problems related to their building exteriors. In addition to his formal education and two decades of experience, Greg has recently dedicated over 100 hours of his time to continuing education, completing several courses with The Building Science Institute. He personally provides comprehensive evaluation/design services, pre- and post-construction management, preventive maintenance programs, and on-the-job inspections. The vast majority of contractors appreciate that watchful eye, as do 100% of his customers.

Anyone involved in this industry understands that roofing is as much art as science. When all is said and done, it is Greg Leslie - his competency and his integrity - that our Kansas customers are choosing, when they choose Garland. We'd like to thank him for his outstanding track record.

We invite the Kansas community to learn more about our company and our high-performance roofing solutions at

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