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Organ donations ease grieving process

i remember Carl from SJHS also he was actually a nice guy, and he didnt take too much crap from kids either, but kids used to give him s--t all the time he wanted to fit in badly that he would take a dare up at any time i am happy that he has helped out people i know thats what he would have wanted to .

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Kansas corrections chief says, depending on budget situation, he may ask to close prison

to energy-i know that inmates in Eldorado do work and get paid better then i do-they only pay their child support and have money left for savings !!!!--i cant pay my stuff and i am not a criminal and its hard to keep a roof over me and my family head and then i hear of inmates that do work and it just ticks me off--i have to pay for them and they have a better job then i do and they dont have to pay for their room and board--or medical !!! whats wrong here ???

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Wednesday's school closings, other cancellations

it is entirely too cold let alone the danger of driving right now--wish Usd 497 would hurry and call off school

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Arthur Davis found guilty of attempted murder, kidnapping, contributing to a child's deliquency

i am thankful the monster is in jail-where i am sure jail house rules will finally manipulate him-as far as the kids i would really think that hearing how the mom is a very concerned mom and i am sure to it that she is going to see that they all get the best counseling and guidance there is and they will again come together as mother and daughter and son, and the kids will understand what kind of torture their dad imposed on them i am sure the mother is all forgiving to her kids-what real mom isnt !!!

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Wednesday's school closings, other cancellations

last school to ever close had been lawrence

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Wednesday's school closings, other cancellations

i wish they will update sooner last time was 12 am.

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Wednesday's school closings, other cancellations

ok i agree with you proud mom--but the school will still count the kid as unexcused and they will get behind in work--

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Malls still a fixture after 50 years

I remember the Malls TG&Y Safeway, Godfathers Pizza, So-Fro Fabrics cant remeber all the stores that were there I grew up close to the Malls spent plenty of time browsing the stores there

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Lawrence woman a victim of ‘honest thief’

years ago i was at walmart (the old one on 27th& Iowa) and had left my wallet in the shopping cart--mind you i am not old nor a granny-just had 2 screaming babies to get out of the store-and got home and some man called me and said his son about 12 years old found my wallet, it had over 2 hundred dollars in it, at that point i had not even realized my wallet was missing, and they promptly brought it back to me and i did give the son a reward wich he was suprised but that made me know that there are still good honest people left in the world--But--year or so before it was christmas time and i was at Gibsons and again left my wallet on the checkout stand turned right around as i got in the parking lot and went back in to get it and the young boy at the register said he didnt see it but after a minute another employee said she had it-well it was missing about 50 dollars--moral-i always check where my wallet is now!!

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Interracial couple denied marriage license

i think they need to look back through all the cases with this judge and see if he was fair to any minorities he tried

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