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100 years ago: Two Lawrence department stores to close Friday afternoons in summer

Wouldn't it be great if we still had a park with a roller coaster?

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Martha Oldham, the school district's longest-serving educator, retiring after 46 years as Lawrence High School librarian

I used to be a student library aide and very glad I was- learned a lot about the library from mrs. Oldham she is a great lady- very caring about anyone she meets ...

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Police cite 27 motorists in Monday night seat-belt enforcement

I was one that was pulled over Monday the police were nice and mainly explained it was for safety they weren't treating me like a criminal or being suspicious of anything I am thankful they were concerned for my safety- but I still don't like to wear seatbelts. But glad it was just a 10 dollar ticket and no court cost...

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Man of an uncertain age: Legend of 125-year-old sparks curiosity

I just read the story and interesting that my husbands family owned the house at 937 Pennsylvania, we may have something more to add to your story.

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Kansas Turnpike Authority officials trying to catch peacock

thats funny because we saw it the other day there and i told my husband it was his imagination...

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Rescue teams remove fifteen from Kansas River after search, none injured

Thank god they were found hope they are all ok

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Inmate, convicted by Douglas County jury, aims to come clean for crimes

ok i know devin and his family there are a lot of good people in the family but this town(people) seem to want to link one person that did something and it reflects on the whole family- we just live the way we need to and are good people and do raise our kids to be good people i just want think devin is full of himself now

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Inmate, convicted by Douglas County jury, aims to come clean for crimes

ok why even bother with this now he isnt going any where new, and devin if your reading this why would you put family through more of your trouble, we have enough trouble getting over the last name and now this!!!

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Storm complicates holiday meal

Thank You--i was in a bind today and you all really helped out. My family would not have had christmas dinner if it weren't for you all and the food was really good, we had plans to go to a family members for dinner so i had to work last night and of course the dinner was cancelled when i looked in my fridge-hot dogs and a few potatoes, my kids were starving of course by mid morning so i was in tears at what i could do to feed my family because i sure wasn't getting out to go look for food today-then i recalled seeing that you all can deliver so Thank You, you guys saved the day,
Thanks again

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