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State board refutes Common Core privacy concerns

That is NOT being collected by the schools. Get your facts straight. I know that sometimes facts mean nothing but stop blaming the local or state educational system for reporting information regarding religious affiliation or voting practices. You are just plain wrong.

There is more data being collected than ever before (and I did say that in a post if you read the whole thing) BUT not the type of data you are talking about...at least not by the schools.

I am as skeptical as they come but I also know what is collected and what is not within a school system as I chose to become informed. If it is being collected by other sources, find those and expose them...it is not the schools in Kansas.

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State board refutes Common Core privacy concerns

And what is your point? The US Dept. of Ed. draft refers to a study (actually several in the draft) where data on student learning is collected. Does it even begin to imply this is being done in the classroom or ever will be? Is this a paper on assessment collection techniques? I do not think so...
Look on page vi:
The purpose of this brief is to distill the critical themes, questions, conclusions, and recommendations around theory, measurement, and the design of learning environments, with an eye toward identifying potential new roles for technology. This brief explores the possibility that grit, tenacity, and perseverance can be malleable and teachable, and discusses the potential of these factors to significantly increase success for all students.

Do you not want to use scientific methods to demonstrate the fact that the things they are researching ARE affected by instruction (grit, tenacity, etc.)? Most people feel that those are static traits. If research being done provides evidence of malleability and methods to enhance do you want us to ignore it? It looks like a paper prepared using science in a positive way...

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State board refutes Common Core privacy concerns

They actually collect more data now than ever but there is nothing collected that deals with religious affiliation, voting preferences, etc. Go to http://www.ksde.org/Default.aspx?alia... and you can find out exactly what data are collected on each student, teacher, and school system. It is more but it is not the "devil" at work.

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State board refutes Common Core privacy concerns

It should be no surprise that there are those that fear data collection, etc. with the recent issues that have taken place the past several months. I would strongly encourage those that have those fears to go to they local school systems central office and ask to see exactly how that data is collected at the local level and uploaded to the state. It they would just do that rather than acting like fools with their conspiracy theories, lack of credible sources, and their references to people like Glen Beck, they would find it is not invasive. Trust your local people...you live with them.

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Opinion: Redskins mascot can’t be justified

I am curious tuschkahouma, what are some options for a mascot that truly honors the spirit of native Americans? I understand your perspective and have learned much reading your comments and honestly would honestly like to know your thoughts in this area.

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