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Breaking down the private funds that pay the KU chancellor's salary

Brevity is not always the soul of wit.

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Breaking down the private funds that pay the KU chancellor's salary

For a 2,080 hour work year (52 wks @ 40 hrs/wk), this salary works out to $236.85 per hour. It escapes me how anyone would think this position warrants this kind of pay. Just because other "elite" schools can afford this does not mean KU can. I attended KU from 1972 - 1976 and my average semester tuition expense was $300-400. I lived at home and worked part time to supplement my income. I had no student loan debt when I graduated and bought my first house for $15,000 when I was 20.
Instate tuition has now ballooned to $4,395 per semester. One would certainly think that this sort of increase would result in a better education, a better job after graduation, and other tangible benefits. Unfortunately, higher education has largely become a state sanctioned for profit business that has little concern for the student customer. How demoralizing it must be to graduate with debt equivalent to some mortgages coupled with few, if any, job prospects that utilize their newly acquired college education.
Let's face it, the taxpayer is on the hook for student loan defaults, which are currently the highest they have ever been. During this time though, all the professors, administrators and other officials still get salary increases that are not tied to any specific performance measurements. I don't know what they are based on other than their collective ability to raise tuition costs to meet these increases in salary. This is some kind of racket and sure goes against what I was taught about the value of a college degree.
Furthermore, proponents of this system (largely college administrators) insist that a college education is an absolute requirement for future success. This notion serves only to perpetuate this myth. In my experience as a private sector employer and having recruited and hired many people with and without a college education, I see no correlation between having a college education and future job success.
It would be an interesting survey to go up and down both sides of Massachusetts from 6th street to 11th street and see just how many KU graduates are working in relatively unskilled jobs just to make ends meet. I would bet many of these folks are terribly disillusioned and regret the investment that they were so stridently urged to make in their college education.
In conclusion, this method of paying extra money to administrators and professors from non-state controlled funds is no different than the often castigated Koch brothers' political contributions. One can't have it both ways. The hypocrisy of this whole situation leaves much to be desired and I am sorry to see KU fall into this trap of constantly rising tuition without any accountability for what happens after graduation. Maybe it is time to apply some of these same standards to the educational community. While it would be nice to see this, I am not holding my breath in anticipation of it.

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Health care reform a key concern as Moore addresses chamber of commerce audience

OMG, old Dennis has come out from under his desk, poor thing. Tell me, what kind of security detail did he have in place? (what with the threat that someone supposedly made). He is a brave man, to go before the Lawrence C of C. Did he have goons on either side like Calypso Louie Farrakhan uses? Were you all allowed to have knives included in your place settings? Such perilous times for those elected to serve us, probably will be passing a bill for hazardous duty pay. Talk to Cleaver, he would be all for it.

Dennis Moore is arrogant, out of touch, acts smarter than everyone else and he will fail next year in his re-election attempt. He has hitched his wagon to the worst administration in the history of this country and he is going to ride it down with Mr. Soetero and many other dems. The dems had it all and this is the best they can do.

Also, thank goodness for free speech and those that went before us to protect this right. Incidentally, that right actually appears in the Constitution, but I am having trouble finding the section on universal healthcare, so please advise as to where I can find that section. My copy might have been prepared by the same folks that did up Barry's fake birth certificate. There are some big sections missing apparently. Photoshop can be fun!

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Mass. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy dies at age 77

and... in an unrelated story, Mary Jo Kopechne was not available for comment however she indicated she would be visiting with Mr. Kennedy shortly.

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Bill Self to sign copies of new book

Hey Bill, isn't $1,750 per hour enough? Must be hard making ends meet on that kind of paltry salary. Harvesters, here in KC, has some food for you if you need it. Oh, professors at KU average right at $45 per hour. Sounds fair to me. Maybe your foundation could help supplement their salaries, though some of them have several hundred kids to teach and you have what on a team 15-20? Go KU.

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Coach's plea to end chant ignored

Dear Coach - please find enclosed a 2 gift certificates for Jenny Craig. One would not be enough. Nice try but drunk college kids are immature and well... drunk. I heard that Bill Self should have made the request. Don't think that would have worked either. Afterall, he makes $1,750 per hour whether this is chanted or not. College sports have come to represent all things bad about our society, unfortunately. These chants are merely a reflection of this. Take the money away and see what kind of chants they come up with, all 2 or 3 that will show up for the game and they would be there to see the band.

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Why are intellectuals the enemy? - he won't last the week. What a fraud. Affirmative Action got him where he is, nothing else. He will tumble hard which may come as a suprise to many of you. Once we figure out if he is Kenyan or Indonesian, he needs to resign from the Senate. I feel for those in Illinois that are "represented" by this creep. The first mayor Daley would be proud of BO and ACORN = Anyone Can Overvote Right Now. Bye, Bye BO - Right Guard was your demise.

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McCain shies away from recent attacks - check this out. BO won't last the week. He is a complete fraud and needs to return to Chicago, Indonesia, Kenya... any where but DC. He is a disgrace and not even a natural born citizen. He and his America hating wife are fine products of Affirmative Action, another ill conceived government equalization plan.If he returned to Chicago, he will might have to downsize a little and get a real job, but of course, Rezko could get him another sweetheart deal before they slam the prison door on him. Or perhaps Calypso Louis (Farrakhan - another fraud) can lend him a hand. One is know by the company they keep, even if "just someone in the neighborhood." What a joke he is. Maybe he could go back to work for ACORN = Anyone Can Overvote Right Now. What a creep. Come on Dems, you can't all be this stupid. Don't let your hatred of Bush overwhelm what little common sense you may still have. Show me one thing that government (Reps and Dems) at which they have succeeded. Let's see... education - highest drop out rate in history. Birth Control - more unwed mothers than ever. Financial Mangement - won't even go there. Beyond defense, government has failed. It can't raise your kids or teach them right from wrong. Only parents can do that but political correctness has ruined this country, for now. Parents are as goofy as their kids. They want to be a friend to their child rather than a mentor. Big difference in the two.

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