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Opinion: America needs united identity

Um ... What?

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Letter: Selective Obama

"Refusing to enforce immigration laws?" Obama has deported more illegal immigrants than any other president ever! Turn off the FOX news!

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Opinion: America needs united identity

HA. Cal Thomas' idea of a "United America" is everyone thinking the same -- everyone thinking like white, Christian males. Which means that everyone should just pretend that sexism and racism don't exist, LGBT people should just go away, and all while white men continue to enjoy their myriad of privileges. As long as you share Cal's world view, you're a "real American" and we'll have "unity."

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Victor Continental prepares for 'big finish'

Too bad it's ending. Fantastic show.

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Editorial: Depot windfall

Honestly, I'm not sure what percentage my spouse and I pay in taxes. We just pay them and we don't bitch about it. Combined, we make a decent income. (You know when we did complain? When we were working minimum wage jobs while in college and the state and the feds were definitely taking 25% of very needed income.) Again, I say to you, do we just let public buildings sit and crumble? What's the cost of cleaning that up? The Carnegie building and the depot in North Lawrence are worth paying to keep. And if you're arguing that the rich should pick up more of the tax burden, I heartily agree.

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Officials cheer $10 million expansion of bioscience incubator at KU

She looks like she might barf having to stand next to him.

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Editorial: Depot windfall

Me to Keith. I pay federal taxes and I'm thrilled to see a community building with lots of potential being rehabilitated for actual use rather than being left to become a blight on the neighborhood. If you don't spend money on anything then everything goes to pot and that benefits no one.

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Editorial: Depot windfall

These same negative arguments were made about the neglected train depot in North Lawrence, too. Now it's an asset to the city. Have a little vision.

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Letter: Coin, quoin

"But one does not need expert knowledge of building design and construction to know this definition. It is commonly found in any dictionary." Sounds snotty to me.

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Letter: Coin, quoin

Wow, Steve. That's pretty snotty. Consider a reporter interviewing someone who uses what they think sounds like the word "coin." If the interviewee doesn't explicitly say "that's q-u-o-I-n, not c-o-I-n" it may not even occur to the reporter that the word may be spelled a different way. Will the reporter learn from this experience and ask more questions in the future? Yes. But this was obviously an honest mistake.

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