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Kansas Court of Appeals rules Martin Miller should get new murder trial

That is some kind of horrible typo. Shame on the prosecutors, the defense attorneys, and the judge in the case. DA Branson can appeal to the Supreme Court, but there's no way it gets overturned. That's a terrible error and absolutely changes the burden of proof the jury had to evaluate.

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Group calls for end to 'woo' in Rock Chalk Chant

I think there is considerable spillover from the group of students who say "home of the CHIEFS" to those who "Woo!" during the Rock Chalk Chant. In fact, they may be the exact same group of people.

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UPDATE: City tells Occupy Lawrence campers they must leave South Park by Thursday night; campers consider defying order

Do you actually know the text of the first amendment? It says "Congress shall make no law...abridging the freedom of speech. It makes no distinction regarding who the speaker is; it is speech that is protected. This so-called legal fiction you describe turns out to actually be, how-to-say-it, the law of the land.

Of course, this is all off the topic. My point, again, is that first amendment rights are not absolute. They may be abridged, under Supreme Court precedent, when the government can show a compelling interest and minimally restrictive means to accomplish that interest.

I think it's incongruous to think that the first amendment "supersedes all other laws" and criticize the Supreme Court for its decision in Citizens United. That's all.

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UPDATE: City tells Occupy Lawrence campers they must leave South Park by Thursday night; campers consider defying order

Where in Citizens United does it say anything about the highest bidder? Forgive my rhetorical question, but the point of my comment is that Citizens United held that political speech could not be suppressed just because the speaker happens to be a corporate entity. My guess is the Occupy Lawrence folk think that's a misinterpretation of the constitution. If that guess is true, then Mr. Phoenix's statement that the First Amendment supersedes all other laws is directly contradictory to his opinion about the regulation of speech.

That's what I'm saying, and I'm not sure how that's really disputable. Citizens United struck down a restriction on free speech. Most OWS folks probably think that was wrongly decided. Ergo, they cannot possibly believe that the First Amendment supersedes all laws. That is all.

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UPDATE: City tells Occupy Lawrence campers they must leave South Park by Thursday night; campers consider defying order

“I believe the First Amendment supersedes all other laws,” Phoenix said. “Our freedom to peaceful assembly is more important than whether the park remains on schedule.”

Um, not so much. The First Amendment is, of course, generally sacrosanct, but it does NOT "supersed[e] all other laws." I suspect, for instance, that Mr. Phoenix would fall into the camp that thinks that Citizens United v. F.E.C. was wrongly decided. If that is so, then I'm not sure he would be able to defend his statement regarding the First Amendment.

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Defense dominant in Sporting KC's unbeaten run; Chivas USA up next

Evidently it was note-worthy enough for you to cast a derisive comment its way. Well done.

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LIVESTRONG Sporting Park opens with entertaining scoreless draw

There absolutely is such a thing as an entertaining scoreless draw, as most any one of the 19,925 fans in the stadium last night can attest. Was it the most beautiful version of the beautiful game? No, but it surely was entertaining. There's more to life (and soccer) than scoring, after all...

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City officials consider expanding parking garage planned at Lawrence Public Library

250 parking spots. $19 Million. That's a cool $76,000 per spot! Nice work, Lawrence voters. Say yes to the Library (and a concrete eyesore that we really don't have a plan for yet but when we do we'll be sure to let you know and, oh by the way, it'll probably end up costing a lot more than we told you originally)!!! Too bad they couldn't fit all that on those handy signs.

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26-year-old Lawrence man arrested, accused of committing sex crime against a minor

The GOP isn't exactly "reinventing" the definition of rape here, skyking. The FBI specifically excludes statutory rape from its definition of rape. All H.R. 3 does is codify what was in the Hyde Amendment in 1993, which prohibited federal funding for abortion in all cases except for rape and incest. Federal funding has never been provided based solely on the minor age of the mother.

This whole "Republicans want to redefine rape" line is just a fear-mongering campaign by pro-abortion activists. As with most (if not all) lobbying campaigns, the truth is rarely so simple as what they're peddling.

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Rhetorical truce may be short-lived

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