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Update on plans for development near Clinton Parkway and Inverness; roundabout proposed at Wakarusa and Harvard; policy on court usage at Rock Chalk may change

I totally dislike the new roundabout on Wakarusa, no feeling of safety in making a left turn. Everyone I have talked to that uses that roundabout feels the same way. The idea might have been OK, but it was made too small and there is too much wheel turning in so small an area. And the stats are not accurate, because the roundabout was down to one lane north and south for a long time. If you are going to do a job, do it right. I have used the roundabout in Topeka, which the Wakarusa roundabout was supposed to be built like, and it's great. No vision obstructions and traffic moves smoothly around without alot of wheel turning and no worrying the car in the next lane might sideswipe your car.

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Schumm files for re-election on Lawrence City Commission

Mr. Schumm,s friend in the construction business must have some projects he needs to get pushed through city hall.

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Davis loses ground to Brownback in Kansas governor's race

After reading the comments on upcoming elections, I think some people need to turn off the electronics and get some sunshine and fresh air.

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Lawrence commission approves downtown ice skating rink on split vote

Water treatment plant and new police department facilities are needed more than this friviolous waste of funds. Who is going to be responsible for injuries that will most definitely occur? Will the area be fenced to keep out ' the just having fun group' after hours. A waste of funds to cater to the very few.

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Rec center support

Heard a laborer say his next job site will be in a couple months at the rec center. Some powers that be must know something the rest of us don't.

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Rec center support

We heard that groundbreaking/construction will start in about 2 months. Heard that tidbit from a a person who will be working at the site. The rec center is a done deal, no matter what.

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Financial stability

I got my info from talking to people like parks and rec. As for the $1,ooo,ooo behind in lease payments for Fieldhouse USA, that came from Journal World, Aug. 3rd issue. And I forgot to mention the $1,000,000 Bill Self is giving, which according to ljworld online, is going to Fritzel fund, not the city. And what about the nearby sites that will also be competing for the same events like the New Century Fieldhouse?

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City districts?

If this is true we should elect all of the senators from ohio. Not from the state thet represent

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'No' to plants

I agree with Priscilla, no new coal plants because the power will be shipped out of state. Take up the challenge to reduce your electric usage and find ways to go green. It is easy and will reduce the need for more coal power.

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