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Homeless shelter seeks $725,000 loan from city

I agree with Ramdom reading, maybe Mrs Kansas should donate her 10K for the roof instead of a playground. Can't believe they hired someone to direct the Shelter that can't manage her own money, if someone would have checked her out they would have known she has poor credit, lots of debt and NSF's all over town. Is this the kind of person we hired at the Shelter Loren??? I own multiple properties and know that roofs do NOT cost $75,000, where are they getting this bid anyhow? We don't need our tax $ going to the Shelter......

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First Bell: Pre-weekend updates on school schedules, football playoffs and pre-bond meetings

Preparing grade cards should and can be done on Wednesdays when early dismissal occurs. Children are dismissed around 1-1:30. That leaves plenty of time if you work til 4 or 5 like most working people usually do. Don't get me wrong I know teachers are great and deal with children on a daily basis but when you compare their daily hours and time off at each holiday and during May, June, July and August it amounts to a fair amount of time off....Sometimes they have snow days also. I know of no other career that working moms can obtain that has such a great schedule and so much time off. Just saying....

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First Bell: Pre-weekend updates on school schedules, football playoffs and pre-bond meetings

oops I just read that teachers were off today posting grades, isn't that what early dismissal is for on Wednesday's. I remember that the whole purpose of Wednesday's early dismissal was started to create more time for the teacher's to get caught up but it seems like they now have added another day to cause parents to find day care on all these Friday's off. Am I the only one that has a problem with this?

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First Bell: Pre-weekend updates on school schedules, football playoffs and pre-bond meetings

Was wondering why elementary kids have been off on two Friday's in the past 3 wks since parent/teacher conferences are set for Nov.8-9? Is there some other reason they were off? thanks

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Homeless shelter marks beginning of new home

Some of these homeless would not be homeless if they would get some type of JOB. I realize they need a hot meal and cots but what do they do all day long?? Is anyone working with them to fill out job apps? What about some clean clothes and a shower before applying for jobs. I think some of them like to be jobless and homeless and we need to put a time limit on how long these services are available to each person. Limit the number of days they can come and force them to get back into society. These people aren't homeless they're JOBLESS...........What about AA classes-require them to attend before they can check into the shelter..Lots of things need to happen and until these requirements are meet the homeless will continue to come and stay and will continue to be homeless and jobless.

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Lawrence man, 51, charged with driving drunk with child in vehicle

Am I reading the name wrong or is this person a Judge? Please clear this up for me. thanks

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Sound Off: I own a duplex, and one of my tenants parks his car on the grass. The other tenant is sto

I think Ron H is in la la land..A sheriff won't put someone in jail because of a junk car & appliance in their yard otherwise the jails would be full. A landlord can give written notice and then evict them. If a landlord doesn't know what to do they need to get out of the business, REALLY????

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Keep your aging cat feeling young

My cat will be 18 years old in May, I think that makes her about 80-85 in human years.....

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Lawrence's rental licensing ordinance at center of legislative dispute

Maybe the CIty shouldn't have rezoned all the houses along Tennessee & Ohio as multi family. Those houses used to have families in them yrs ago. Now they are split into 5-6 rooms per house sharing 1 or 2 bathrooms. The city makes decisions and then they complain about it later. hummmm? What did they think was going to happen? I doubt if those particular owners are paying $25 per tenant, they are probably paying only $25 for one house with 6-7 students living under one roof. I know one house that has up to 10 students living there........

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City wants more info on possible rental registration program fee increase

Get rid of the program--that's a thought.... With all the tons of apartment complexes around town you can't tell me that you're not making money....Give me a break. I'm am tired of the prices going up every time an organization starts having money problems. AS a landlord I think it's time that people start voicing their opinion more....I surely hope that rental houses aren't the only ones paying this $25 yrly fee, it better apply to Compton & Fritzel & any other large
8 plex, 24 plex, etc that they keep building and the city keeps approving.....

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