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Domestic violence survivor honored for volunteer work with other abuse victims

From a guy: Thanks to everyone who helps women get out of these situations. A huge part of stopping domestic violence is having men talk about it, to redefine archaic stereotypes of manhood, and to actually actively do something about it. Talking with your kids about it, the boys and the girls both, is a great place to start.

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Gay marriage critics are old news

Excellent points, vertigo! Every single one of them. I especially like your point #5. It seems that everyone forgets that one does not have to be religious to get married. If people feel that the sanctity of marriage is being violated, then they're surely only referring to religious marriages, in which case they should take it up with the individual church, not the government.

One small criticism, though. Many many many of "the Church and its Attendees" do know all of the 9 points you listed, and are quite accepting of gay marriage. My church does, and that's right here in Kansas. Not all of us Christians are blowhards who believe the Bible is 100% infallible, and we do follow the message of Christ. It's sad when we are lumped in with the negative voices who speak the loudest.

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Jeff Withey bears down

Agreed! Taylor's style of play is way different from Miles and Collins, and it's a style that will translate well to the NBA. I foresee Taylor not being a prime pick, but growing in the NBA once there, a lot like Chalmers has done.

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First Bell: District employees to receive bonuses during holiday season; Raintree Montessori student lands art in KDHE calendar; First Bell on winter break

The article is missing a crucial piece of information. The "bonus" is part of our contract agreement. This was touched on in the article here: "The payments come courtesy of the Lawrence school board, which earlier this year decided to dip into reserve funds to finance pay increases for teachers and other licensed educators. The board then extended the benefit to other employees." However, that statement still does not make it clear that this was part of the contractual agreement.

Most school districts, including our own, have not been able match our pay with the rate of inflation. This means that despite the fact that the amount of our salaries go up slightly each year, when inflation is taken into account, we are actually getting paid less by the standard of living. The "bonus" was written in as part of our contractual agreement to aid in this difference of money. Extra cash this time of year is nice, but it is not a gift by any means.

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Do you drink bottled or tap water more often?

Another downside to the advent of bottled water:
On the rare occasion I stop in at a fast food place, I've asked for a cup for water, but have been told I need to buy a bottle if I want one. Anyone else have that happen?

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