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Indian tribe that once proposed North Lawrence casino purchases large tract along interstate

Yes sir! Clearly, you have a good head on your shoulders!

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Indian tribe that once proposed North Lawrence casino purchases large tract along interstate

Hello windjammer! It could mean jobs for anyone who can't seem to find a job. Unemployment affects all locations of this town not just North Lawrence. This north Lawrence resident for one, does have a job and I haven't been without one since 1992. Also, how does a Harley Shop and a mall failure fall squarely on our shoulders. Can you not cross "the bridge" to come spend your money over here. Or does the money made on the South side of the bridge not work over here. The new junk yard is going to be a recycling center which should make the environmentalists elated. The nude bars have been here for years. Why do they offend you? If you don't like them don't go to them. As far as my high horse is concerned its none of your business.

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Adair wants focus on early childhood education

Her own kids do not attend the Lawrence Public Schools.

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Lawrence police officer killed in one-vehicle accident at Sixth and Wakarusa

The Journal World needs to automatically disable comments on articles about fatal accidents. End of story, no questions asked.

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Lawrence police to patrol Topeka Saturday during services for slain officers

Bravo! So Proud of you guy!

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Ugly Sweater Run

What a great event!

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Douglas County prosecutors charge man with attempted murder, attempted rape of wife; victim in serious condition

The booking recap says that he was arrested for 1st degree murder? HMMMMM

November 30, 2011 at 1:03 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Town Talk: Reseller of clothing likely to land next to Hy-Vee on Sixth; an impassioned plea for a Peking Taste buffet; the city's debt, a recreation center and a lot of numbers

The Hiachi Grill was awesome the other day. I think it will have to be the new, more expensive Peking taste.....

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