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Dan Wildcat notes that Haskell's problems are rooted in the ....Union.

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Are Students at Haskell Indian Nations University keeping their rooms clean?

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Haskell gets $1.6 million federal grant to make academic and administrative improvements

the LJW's decision to allow the author of this blog a place for unfettered attack on Haskell once more (it was shut down for a couple of months) demonstrates the level of hatred this community holds for Haskell. While other newspapers are eliminating anonymous blogs, LJW continues it ongoing assault by providing a forum for the Haskell Haters who are doing everything they can to sabotage progress and to close the doors of Haskell. They are the proverbial crabs in the bucket who can't stand to see Haskell moving forward. Instead they want to pull Haskell down rather than standing proud for what this award represents for the future.

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Haskell challenge

The problems identified with retention and graduation did not recently surface but were totally ignored by the Warner administration. Rather than focusing on the mission of Haskell and improving the quality of education, the ongoing debacle at Haskell resulting from the failed leadership, cronyism, and the "look good" facades of excellence of the Warner administration are suffocating the potential of's time to move forward.

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Bureau of Indian Affairs/Education employee Julia Goodfox goes on a tirade about:

Here's a heads up Senator Roberts, Senator Brownback and Congressman Moore. This site is being used to destroy the reputations of federal employees who are required to report, investigate or take corrective actions when violations of federal rules have taken place or are believed to be taking place. This blog is little more than retaliation and reprisal against these employees, as well as friends and family of these employees. Is it a coincidence these attacks and the blogs went viral at the same time Linda Sue Warner was detailed to SIPI to help write their self-study? The LJW is complicit in this campaign by continuing to support this blog. Wake up.

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PATIENCE RUNS OUT: Haskell Indian Nations University doesn’t need a public relations campaign; it needs a strong leader.

the mouthpiece of Linda Sue Warner drones on with unfounded attacks on anyone who has stepped up to clean up all the messes she created. If she were truly a leader, people would follow her and there would not be the division she created. Instead, she had to bribe and pay people to serve her with jobs.. She bribed people with trips, and titles and jobs for their family members, again no competition and looked the other way while they broke the rules as long as they were with her. She created a system of haves and have nots at Haskell and rewarded those who played her games rather than focusing on the mission of Haskell, isn't that right cronies? Her reign of terror has ended so deal with it. At any other university, a president who received two votes of no confidence would leave, with class and not try and destroy the institution. You are her YAMSS alright... she forgot to mention it really means "you are my slave stupid"

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Stephanie Birdwell-Bighorn, Venida Chenault and Dan Wildcat here you go......

Linda Sue Warners attacks on "everything and everyone Haskell" continue in blog number 783... those working to fix the damage she created are attacked mercilessly in a classic effort to divert attention away from her mismanagement and abuse.... why would she abolish all the deans and dismantle the organization to divert millions into athletics, the red center (which has not generated any research) or healthy haskell while academics languished? why did she "give" all those high paying administrator jobs to all her friends and relatives of friends when govt. rules require competition and what did they actually do for haskell? What did she really do about improving retention and graduation other than let selected students in Student Senate and athletics enroll in ghost classes and give grades they didn't earn for being loyal to her. How is it that she was allowed to remove every American Indian women from leadership positions during her reign? Anyone who refused to engage in her politics or who she suspected of reporting her violations, as well as any of their friends or colleagues are now subject to having their reputations attacked. Isnt that reprisal and retaliation?

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Stephanie Birdwell's Haskell Indian Nations University's Initiative.

I would say that attacking people for highlighting success at Haskell is a new low for haskell - it's not news - but that's all this site is... a bunch of Linda Sue Warner cronies mad that they lost their privilege and have to follow the same rules as everyone else. No more gravy on that train is there...

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Mission Impossible at BIE's Haskell Indian Nations University?

It is a shame that Linda Sue Warner isn't earning her salary as President. Instead, she works from home in Miami, Oklahoma on her romance novels while drawing her salary from Haskell and traveling and collecting pay from Comanche Nation for serving as a regent at the same itme. is another book purchase of her books on the haskell dime about ready to happen when she comes back. She comes to campus to rally her haskellnews crew and to plot more ways to undermind Haskell and retailiate against those she thinks reported her actions and to issue marching orders for her Gippsters. Why was she in Minoka blogging with Shelly Bointy on a recent trip and why are the gipps always in that same lab "working"on those computers. Why is Freda Gipp bragging shes helping warner bring Chenault down by destroying her reputation. Seems odd. No doubt they are haskellnews correspondents and are bloggin in to continue Warners legacy of reprisal against those she hates. The legacy of Linda Sue Warner....division and destruction. .

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Haskell News Commentary suggests to Dr. Linda Sue Warner that a law suit against the the FEDERATION OF INDIANSERVICE EMPLOYEES - AFT -AFL/CIO, Local 4524 should be forth coming.

Are there not Privacy Laws and Ethics Guidelines that federal employees are required to abide by? I wonder who has access to all the documents that are given to haskellnews. Could it be the college resident assistant with a history of hacking into government computers or the staff who actually have to work now. They won't be happy until Haskell is closed down.

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