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Mr. Chris Redman President of Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, KS shakes things up.

I find it interesting the LJW continues to host this anonymous blog by a few disgruntled former employees and Haskell haters whose only motive seems to be to destroy community and political support for Haskell. Now, they propose closing Haskell and turning it into a community college. This blog is little more than a trojan horse being used to deceive the public, destroy the professional reputations of those who refused to go along with an agenda that lacked integrity under the prior administration and divert attention away from where the problem started. Based on the news articles posted in the archives of LJW and other local press, as well as the recent interview with the current president, Chris Redman, the grade change scandal that led to the sanctions against the athletic program are related to grade changes under prior administration. The prior president, Linda Sue Warner is no longer at Haskell, nor is the prior AD or the prior football coach. Haskell is recovering from that train wreck.

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Information on Haskell investigation still not forthcoming

it was always curious to me why the vpaa was always attacked for problems at haskell until I learned from employees she stood up and reported the wrongdoing at haskell under the prior administration and has been attacked ever since. I was told after she reported she was forced to move to a vacant building without air in the middle of the summer until the IG's office came in and she left haskell during the investigation. Because she was a whistleblower she been's the subject of ongoing attack on this blog for telling the truth.

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Haskell provides no new details on violations

According to the LJW article on May 2010 (LJW website), the former President was on campus until September 2009 when she was detailed to Oklahoma City and received a vote of no confidence from the board of regents. The recent LJW article says the athletic violations were from 2008. If you look at the articles on LJW several identify funding problems at Haskell so how much funding goes into athletics and is funding for education used to fund athletics? What is the win:loss record for Haskell athletics? Big colleges and universities are cutting back on athletic programs so wouldn't it make sense for a small college like Haskell do the same?

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Haskell provides no new details on violations

I'm told Intercollegiate Athletics is under the Office of President drillst which means this happened under the supervision of the former president and athletic director. I guess we now have a pretty good indication why the emperor was shipped out, employees at Haskell blew the whistle on the corruption. Maybe Hittle should FOIA all whistleblowing reports and complaints submitted to the DOI, BIA, BIE and DOE.

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Shelter leader makes case for funding

Love reading these hate-filled comments from such a progressive elite community...what an illusion. I bet most of you go to church every Sunday yet preach intolerance and hate for those without in the blogs of the LJW. How many of you have ever hired a disabled person who is homeless or provided services to a vet traumatized by PTSD? How many of you have every helped a family tossed out of their home because a hospital bill and a layoff put them completely underwater? How many of you have an alcoholic in the family that you love enough to try and save but can't? People, and yes they are people, are homeless for alot of reasons. I think they should leave the shelter right where it is, right smack dab in the middle of downtown Lawrence so that you all have to see the suffering in this world each and every day you drive by the shelter. And when you stand before your maker and explain what you did to help humanity, you'll not forget to mention your despise of the poor and pityful.

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Disciplinary action taken against Haskell employees after investigation of student-athlete test scores

It's too bad the athletic program operates like this because the students and Haskell lose and the proud history of athletics at Haskell is damaged. I'm told there were many good employees who refused to support these kind of practices and reported what was going on. They were replaced with those willing to overlook violations and cheat to get ahead. Shame on those who did this. Those who reported were subject to personal attack and had their reputations ruined by the blog operated by LJW for telling the truth. If athletics has lost support, it's because of these practices. Shame on those who did this. Haskell never had to win by cheating. The DOE investigation only confirms what employees have been saying but there are no winners. Haskell has to move beyond this and make sure this never happens again because it does provide an education that many Native kids would never have the opportunity to get if it wasn't for Haskell.

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North Lawrence boardwalk proposal picks up steam

This is also the second economic development article in which the developers are planning to eliminate mobile home parks. Where will these lower income members of the communities relocate? Lawrence is a very expensive place to live for those on fixed or low incomes. Is there a desire to rid Lawrence of low income and poor people by building over trailer parks as this will impact the availability of employees in service industries? It's like relocating the homeless shelter to Highway 10, next to the jail. Is this the site of the next mobile home park too?

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North Lawrence boardwalk proposal picks up steam

Merrill has it right. If a true investment were being made in North Lawrence, there would be a grocery store, laundry mat, hardware store, bank, etc.. North Lawrence is the only area of town without all of these basics, as well as a recreation center while plans go forward for another mega facility in West Lawrence. Is this project a true investment in the community across the bridge or another way to shift the benefit of tax incentives to private investors at a time when we can ill afford another Tanger Mall (by the way a great location for a grocery store, laundry mat and hardware store) or Riverfront Mall fiasco. Rather than handing over tax incentives to "private investors" how's about declaring North Lawrence an economic enterprise zone and using incentives and tax breaks for local businesses who locate in North Lawrence as well as building up the infrastructure and northern corridor to Lawrence?

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Chris Redman named president of Haskell Indian Nations University

Classic Bureau of Indian Affairs ineptitude in this selection... the least qualified good old boy. No surprises with this one.

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I can do anything; please remember I said ā€œIā€ was the theme of one talk.

Most employees will tell you Mike L has been bragging since Chris left that Redman will be selected.... as Chris said in his presentation, its not rocket science to run a university.

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