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Lawrence man, among the few ticketed for Fourth of July fireworks, awaits his day in court

If you don't like the law work the legal way to have it abolished. This isn't worth an LJW story.

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Letter: Law needed

What is wrong here? Not calling 911 yourself is what is wrong. You want to point fingers but you didn't take direct action. A letter to LJW doesn't help the police or the unfortunate situation the child and the dog were in.

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Letter: Fireworks menace

If you didn't call the police to register your complaint why are you putting this letter in the newspaper. Police do not drive down every street just to look for piles of firework debris. There really are other things more important then the after affects of what bother you. If you are already set against your neighbor then a call to the police won't be a surprise to your neighbor. Use the law correctly and you might win. Don't use it and you get nothing.

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City agrees to expand rental inspection program to all areas of Lawrence

City Commission is always there with you too. Hands in your pocket whenever they get a chance to do something for your own good. Tenants will be the ones paying for this upgrade, not landlords.

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Letter: Impressive show

Good letter. This patron was caught up in the MAGIC that is live theater and that is way it should be!

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Teller's restaurant to change name and concept to Merchants Pub & Plate

Will the food be better and the portions a little larger? And will the prices be low, medium or high?

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Professor killed in Oklahoma was former KU doctoral student

For goodness sake, why is this important? Friends of this poor lady have been notified, whole group of people who read the LJW don't need to know.

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Medicaid expansion would cover thousands in Douglas County

"Opponents in Kansas, including Gov. Sam Brownback, say they don't trust the federal government to follow through on its commitments and that the costs of the program would take away from spending on core services like education."

Very interesting quote from the article. This fool of a governor makes it clear why most of us in the state don't trust him.

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Mock funeral crowd mourns ‘death’ of Kansas

Certainly hope that everyone commenting and all who showed put for the "funeral" vote in the next election and all the upcoming ones.

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Theatre Lawrence grand opening this weekend

Donors are everyone in Lawrence who paid so the city commission could donate our money to the facility. Do we all get invited to the cocktail party?

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