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Letter: Late Night behavior

If you were so inclined to make a food donation, there are plenty of other venues that gladly accept those donations. Don't make being unable to give a donation the cause of poor planning and bad behavior by all ages the reason you can't give.

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Letter: Hate speech

Blah, blah, blah

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Line-cutting, mobbing has KU Athletics reviewing Late Night admittance protocol

Late Night is hyped up for weeks in advance to insure that Allen Fieldhouse is mobbed and the filled to the brim. The people that did not make it into the Fieldhouse don't give a damn about "crowd control." That is sour grapes on their part. What a waste of time to go worship these young men falsely. In this life Late Nite is a trivial pimple. Sounds like I don't KU BB but I do. Just easier to watch them on TV playing basketball then standing in line for hours to see them be silly.

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KU Band Day marches on, even without parade

Large or small, parade or no parade Band Day is a fine tradition that keeps going and adjusting to the needs of the day. Really enjoyed it. Marched and played in it in the 1950s.

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Letter: Television rules

Yep, TV is the controller of all college sports. It is very sad that the Band Day parade can't be held. It takes away from the fun of coming to KU Band. Most of the bands that would attend have played at their own high school game the night before the trip. Considering the expense that it costs to put any large or small band on a bus, ensure they are hydrated, fef and transported just to stand on a field and sit in the stadium will be a big consideration for each district this year. The crowd along Mass generates such a positive response to these bands and that is what makes the parade so important. The logistics didn't work this year for a big band day but the tradition will remain intact. This is not the fault of the KU Band program.

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Drunken-driving enforcement campaign ends with 18 DUI arrests

Thanks LPD for your great work this weekend. This is not a sarcastic comment but genuine praise for the work they did.

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Heat took a toll on Fall Arts & Crafts Festival

Notice you didn't say a thing about the musicians that came out and supported the event. City Band is there every year and sits and sweat in the gazebo so they can provide you with a great band concert. the rest of musicians and play on the stage in front play in the hot sun. That is dedication and extreme community spirit.

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Letter: Guns in church

There is no rational debate to this problem. To me a gun means you are the biggest bully and surpresses all my conversation with you because your answer is in your gun.

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Letter: Getting to ‘yes’

Thanks for your letter. You raise many good points about the real needs in Lawrence.

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Washington gridlock halts Lawrence City Band tradition

If you want a government that funds activities like this then use your voting privilege next time at the polling place to vote for candidates who can make this happen by working TOGETHER for America and not against the President (whoever he/she is).

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