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2 Tonganoxie residents hurt Sunday afternoon in motorcycle accident northeast of Lawrence on U.S. Highway 24-40

I happen to know someone that wrecked on that same road lil over 2 weeks ago and he got life flighted to Ku med as well and ended up in the ditch.. scary stuff.. hope all is well for the ones involved!

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‘Gustnado’ causes minor damage Sunday in Williamstown

I so have to differ, with this so called gust./nado. I have lived in Kansas my intire life, it was a full blown tornado, when I saw it coming towards my home, it was right behind my neibor's house. there was lot's of rotation and lot's of debree flying in it. And u could hear it roar! It went really high up in the air and kinda disapated once, it passed the creek, Still was big but kinda broke up a bit. but put it this way the street infront of my house 1/8 mile long, it was 1/4 mile wide, try looking out ur front door seeing that? I have never saw anything like that in my life, or well not that close up. everyone say's it will sound like a freight train, They are not fibbing folks. Just thankfull our lil town survived and no one was hurt!

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Lawrence police searching for suspect in armed robbery

just crazy,,,,,,, today is supposed to be a day of celebration, not robbing a place. Hope they catch them....

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Father, son arrested following altercation with knife early Tuesday morning

just amazed about this. You got to be kidding me? CRAZY..

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Battery charges filed against woman in early Sunday morning incident

Reguardless of ur mate (I will say) NO ONE deserves to be battered. PERIOD,plain and simple. I saw a politiation today on tv , running for governor, i think it was? Did anyone know that in 8 states of the usa, if u go to get insurance they consider domestic battery a pre exsisting condition? Seriously, I am not fibbing. U have got to be kiddening me? I have never heard of such a thing in my life. It just don't seem right to me? It's sad. u get with someone, u think u love and they love u, they beat the holy crud out of you. u get away to only findout, ur getting punished again. why do people keep protecting the abusers and not the victims? Reguarless if their sex. Male, female, bi, gay or what ever. It's WRONG. That is why so many people end up getting killed from domestic disputes, No one is gonna help them, they are gonna let them say o we'll we had an arugement that out of hand I'll plea to a lesser charge. NO WRONG ANSWER.. Not right is all I got to say..

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Three killed in violent car accident near intersection of Leavenworth County Road 1, Kansas Highway 32

OMG sent chills up my spine. That is horrible to hear. People PLEASE SLOW DOWN. Think about it, u pass someone to make up a few seconds to get to ur destination? We'll if ya wreck, u may be really late or not arrive at all. It's not worth it. My heart go's out to all involved, may god be with u all.....

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Fight fear

ok go a head and cuss me if u may, I happen to think it would be wrong to place such a thing, at the site. People that lost their lives on 911 were from all different cultures. I have been taught the USA is a place of the strong and free, The bad people that did that should not be thought of ever. It should be a memorial for all, not a rememberance of the bad guy's who harmed our nation! Face it folks, if it was ur family memeber that lost their life that day, reguardless of ur beliefs. You would want their name to stand out, and it should be with the american flag, Period!!!!!! If ya ive in america and u are a legal american, the best way to proove it is fly that flag.

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Another downtown property owner expresses concerns about late-night food cart operations

let the guy sell his hot dogs and burgers, My gosh. people now day's don't get to see that stuff no more. Don't dis him before he even get' s the chance to try it! I hope he get's to sell his items!

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Jefferson County car chase ends in Douglas County near Midland Junction

yeah that SOB darn near hit my son coming home, He had just made the corner into billtown, and here comes the guy didn't stop at 24/59 (or 76 hwy) My son hurried and got out of the way, The guy turned his lights off. Scarred the crap out of my son. Scarred the crap out of me too. I thank god he did not hit my son's car.. I don't know what I'd of done? Not worried about the car, just my kid. I hope the SOB go's to jail. goof ball!

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