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Two critical in ATV crash south of Lawrence

Please say your prayers for these young children, I know I am. sad an tragic accident. Sending love to their family's.

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Lawrence man, among the few ticketed for Fourth of July fireworks, awaits his day in court

I happen to think then ban is crap! IT IS AMERICA PEOPLE! The person setting them off is responsible for what may happen But, to give them a fine? STUPID. LPD needs to go after criminals, not someone shooting off some fireworks!

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Carolers brighten family’s spirits

I so LOVE Trav, and Candice. They have been my life long friends (for too many yrs to count) Trav is gonna take THE best care of her an them babies, they are his LIFE! I so love you all!

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Man accused of threatening Tonganoxie principal appears in court

This just so Utterly flusters me. Kick Some Arse Dad. I am so Backing the father in this one! He should NOT be introuble for sticking up for his child!

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Falling into poverty: Economic setbacks make Lawrence couple, like many Americans, lose security, gain fear

I happen to know these fine folks, have for many years. They are both VERY kind HEARTED and VERY HARD WORKING FOLKS. It breaks my heart to see them in this situation. Dodie is a very strong headed woman and has the heart of pure Gold. Roy would do anything for ya in a heartbeat if he could. They are wonderful people. Let's all pray they can make it through this. I know I am.

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Tonganoxie High School student killed in rollover accident Thursday afternoon on U.S. Highway 24-40 in Basehor

I pray for the family and the friends of this child. May God be with you all..

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Search for missing 7-year-old set to resume Sunday morning

Let's hope this lil boy is found and safe, unharmed. I send my heart out to his family.

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Kansan gets 5 years in Nebraska prison for sexual assault

5 Yrs? You got to be joking? what is it gonna take for our law's to change to keep child sex offerders off the darn streets and away from children? errr

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Tonganoxie man, 37, pleads guilty to raping young girl

I can't even begin to Comment on this articale because, I have nothing nice to say about a person that harms a child. up to 23 yrs is not long enough, PERIOD!

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Jury acquits Lawrence man of attempted murder

Did I read this article right? He got off all charges for the Dec shooting but yet has a pending charge for another Shooting in 2008? If I am reading it correctly, I'd say this guy is a smooth criminal. I mean come on, He is the so called shooter in 2 different shootings? Don't take rocket science to know that he was invovled somehow. I mean if indeed the guy didn't do it or had no involvment in it, he shouldn't be found guilty of it. But common knowledge would suggest it, don't ya think? Just go's to show ya how the system works for certain people. I understand it's all based on evidence, but I still think it don't seem right to me!

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