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Investigation prompts speculation of homicide

Trailer park stereotypes are valid. It doesn't mean everyone who lives in a trailer is poor and useless. My dad lived in a trailer in a transitional period in his life. I refuse to argue an obvious point.

Enforcer, I'm sorry you experienced what you did in life and I'm glad you had the strength to get out.

For those women that are arguing with me based on the nature of this article and it's sensitivity to you as women, I'm not condoning the behaviour of this guy so I'm not sure why you are all butt sore towards me. If it is simply based on my trailer park comment, get over yourselves.

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Investigation prompts speculation of homicide

Posted by holygrailale (anonymous) on August 2, 2006 at 4:53 p.m. (Suggest removal)


I think you should just accept that you were caught using a stereotype and when caught, you started namecalling.

Caught? Hmmm...I think I acknowledged the fact in my subsequent posts that I indeed did/do stereotype. But yes, let me sit back and be called the "stereotyper" while those who label me with this title do the same thing. Picking on women? I hope that wasn't pointed at me because that isn't found in any of my posts.

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Investigation prompts speculation of homicide

Posted by 1lawrencemom (anonymous) on August 2, 2006 at 4:42 p.m. (Suggest removal)

If I had balls, freudian, I might start to behave like the man who is the subject of the aritcle that started this whole conversation.

Nice one, mom. Fight a stereotype about trailer parks with a stereotype about men. Ha, I like your sense of humor.

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Investigation prompts speculation of homicide

Posted by 1lawrencemom (anonymous) on August 2, 2006 at 3:39 p.m. (Suggest removal)

Bravo, Confrontation!

mom-I like people who ride coattails to make a point but don't care enough to elaborate. Grow some balls.

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Investigation prompts speculation of homicide

Confrontation: Why would you make the comment about stupid people when no one made a comment that would fall under that response? Funny that you posted it right after my post, but yet weren't referring to anyone. You assumed, but that's OK.

Stereotypes are usually based on historical evidence of certain people, things, etc. If things happen in certain clusters more than others, they deserve a general stereotype. It doesn't mean everyone is that way, it means it's more likley to happen with them than others, to whatever degree. You are so brilliant in calling me out on my comment about facts and figures. Obviously that is not quoted from a certified study. It is my generalization based on personal knowledge of people that live in trailer parks and what happens there.

In my life I have come across people that live in trailer parks. In the end, one was convicted of sexually molesting 12 boys, one was cooking meth, one was a freaky old fat lady with 7 or cats that crapped all over everything, and another was a truck driver who dressed in drag and walked the streets when he wasn't driving. NOw tell me that this isn't a cluster of bullsh!t more likely to occur in trailer parks. I haven't met anyone like this who lives in a normal house.

My point, there are poeple like this everywhere, just more apt to find them in a trailer.

And about my life - I've had a hard life but have managed to keep my sanity and prosper. Thanks for your concern, but you are way off base on your assumption. My stereotype on the other hand is spot on.

Thank you.

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Investigation prompts speculation of homicide

Confrontation says:

"It takes a pretty dumb person to assume that this type of behavior is limited to the trailer parks."

hockmano says:

"Domestic violence does not only occur in the trailer court. It often occurs in upper income familes also.Money doesn't change your values. If a man is going to beat his wife, he doesn't care if they live in a trailer or a mansion!"
Really!?!?!?! I read back through the posts and no one said anything about domestic violence ONLY happening in trailer parks. Yes, I made a generalization. But I didn't say ONLY.

If you take the entire population of trailer homes in the country and calculate the percentage that have incidents of domestic violence, alcohol abuse, drug use and drug manufacturers and sales, you would get a much greater percentage of occurrence than if you took all single family homes and did the same. So, I generalize.

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Dogs ordered killed after rabies outbreak

63 cents a dog? I guess this was muchn cheaper than testing them all for rabies. I can't imagine having someone stop me in the street and beat my dog to death right in front of me. I guess bullets would have cost money too. More than the 63 cents? This is crazy.

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Investigation prompts speculation of homicide

What? Domestic violence at a trailer park? I am shocked!

But, hope she is alright. What a wake up call - a board to the face!

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Are you voting?

I voted yes.

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Pit bull's caretaker charged in attack

I don't understand how people can claim any valid argument in support of pit bulls and their actions. Their actions are not totally dependent on the training they receive from owners. Part of it is instinct...which it appears a pit bull's attack instinct is much more prevalent than in other breeds.

For the sake of argument, let's say pit bull attacks are 100% caused by owner persuasion. Then this absolutely validates the ban on pit bulls. If it's not the dog's fault then we need to keep the dogs out of the hands of the root of the problem - the owners.

Either way pit bulls should not be allowed.

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