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KU football uniforms to change in 2010

drnater, well done...definitive of fair weather fan. I played middle school, high school and college ball without my name on the back of my jersey. The players worried about what's on the back of their jerseys, are usually the ones on the sidelines looking like they are in a under armour add

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KU football uniforms to change in 2010

get over all knew who #5, #10 # 40, #1 were without seeing the name on the back....the refs dont call your name when they call you for a penalty, just your number. He will strip the name this year and make them earn it back next year. USC and Notre Dame have been pretty decent(with way more high caliber players) without needing names on the back of jerseys. You need to have players by into doing things one certain way...T.Gill may feel this is a step in that direction

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Sutton proud of Self

lost to them at stillwater in 07-08 by one point

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Blizzard Blog: Winter weather advisory lifted; roads remain snowpacked

it took the work of a few good neighbors to get just our section cleared out...good thing most of the people went home for the holidays or it would have been impossible. i took drive by my apartment complex to see if anything had been done..mind you i didnt stop for fear of getting stuck like some people did this morning(their cars couldnt even be towed out), i just drove by...and when i get some kind of citation for parking horrendously, i will be sure to deduct that amount from my rent...again

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Blizzard Blog: Winter weather advisory lifted; roads remain snowpacked

how many square miles is lawrence? with how many twisting roads, hills, dead ends, and tight spots? i understand the work that goes into this painstaking job...also factoring in those who do get stuck and impede progress..i say to workers, a job well done..i had christmas eve dinner at a local restaurant and saw the army come out about 9pm. my beef is with my damn apartment complex that has made no effort to clear anything...we have parking spots that are being made up on the spot because the driveway is impossible to get out of once you decide to drive in

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Turner Gill expected to take over as Kansas football coach

he will have a great impact on what kind of players will want to come to kansas...players who believe in a system and are discipline are the kind we need..those players are the ones who win. not the ones who question authority and whine about things. i look forward to mr. gill actually taking command of this group( not just thinking he has control) and showing what he can do with a different tier of talent. those that argue his record dont realize that no team in the nation is going to win without their key players. I believe buffalo would have had another great season had they avoided injuries. if reesing goes down, you have pick and meier to plug in(talented). gill had no such option. lewey p. got a guy that the fanbase may not go crazy for but those players will be pumped.

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