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City adopts tougher penalties for landlords who violate city code for single-family homes

You are correct, I do not live in a neighborhood full of college aged students. But, it does seem like 3 students can throw a raging booze fest as easily as 4.
You obviously don't live in a neighborhood with vacant houses. Lawns still have trash in them, but they only get mowed about once a month so it's hidden most of the time. I'm sure there is less noise and drunkenness, but there is a noticable increase of feral cats. (And they like to party at 3 am) Not to mention the local vandals who seem to enjoy bb gun target practice at windows.

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City adopts tougher penalties for landlords who violate city code for single-family homes

"What's up with that creepy old house on the corner?"
"Oh, it has been sitting empty since Old Man Timmons allowed 4 people to live there."
"Cool, want to sneak in and vandalize it? "

Which is better for neighborhoods, a 4 bedroom house with 4 people living in it or a vacant 4 bedroom house?

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Have you ever scrapbooked?

It was asked on Tuesday....

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Which restaurant do you wish delivered that doesn’t?

Munchers Bakery....mmmm Cream Cheese Donuts

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Nintendo Wii w/ Sports Resort $179.99 Shipped

Blog or not, it is unfortunate to see all of these advertisments for amazon on the front page of my favorite online newspaper.

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Woman reports theft of purse at apartment complex

New name...same old Felony Hoods.

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Pyle Meat Co. packing up

I typically don't eat much beef jerky, but when I do crave a little, I always choose Hombre. Pyle's will be missed.

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