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Lawrence City Commission explains support for $17 million police headquarters

So if this increase is for the sake of the police station, does that mean it will go back down next year?

Fat chance! Make excuses to increase taxes (library included) and then never bring them back down. At what point do we say enough is enough?

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Report: Not enough high school grads in Kansas getting career training to meet state's needs

Is there a study for the inflation of educational requirements for employment? I mean, why does almost every decent job seem to require a ridiculous amount of education and experience?

Being realistic about educational and experiential requirements alone would close the gap.

However, we do need to do more in our high schools to challenge and prepare kids for college. We also badly need to encourage vocational/technical schools as much as we do colleges.

I went through Lawrence High less than 10 years ago and it was an academic joke, they hand out diplomas like candy on Halloween. I also had almost no exposure to the opportunities of vocational/tech schools.

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Brownback's signature would usher in biggest change to Kansas liquor law in decades

I am happy to spend the extra 5 minutes to go to a locally owned liquor store rather than have more of my dollars leave Lawrence and go to already successful regional and national grocers. These regional and national chains are having no problem being successful. If we give them yet another avenue of revenue to go with the 10,000 items they already sell, all that means is more local businesses close.

Local businesses support local wholesalers, lawyers, accountants, cleaners, builders, and all kinds of workers. While national chains send a large portion of your dollars to out of state lawyers and workers.

I support local businesses and will not trade that for a small convenience.

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A sweet shop closes in downtown Lawrence, and the owner says the reasons why leave a bad taste

True, but independent local businesses are even more beneficial to the local community because all the money I spend stays in Lawrence and isn't sent off for corporate fees. Independent local businesses are more likely to utilize local lawyers, accountants, and wholesalers, etc. as opposed to corporate lawyers and accountants out-of-state.

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Bob Dole lobbied Trump campaign, GOP on behalf of Taiwan

It's about time we have somebody willing to make a change and go head first in foreign policy. All this country has done for the last eight years is diminish and chastise our allies and has only seen further unrest, especially in the middle-east and east asia.

Maybe China needs some destabilization, as if their continued incursions and power grabs suggest prior stability anyway. It's time we stop living in diplomatic lala land and recognize Taiwan for what it truly is, a sovereign nation. I'm happy to see some leadership in the foreign policy department, it's been a while since anything has looked positive.

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Universities take steps to absorb 4 percent allotment cut

It's about time for a belt tightening at the most runaway expensive industry in the nation. All the administrators should take a pay cut.

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KU proposes 4 percent tuition increase for 2016-17 school year

Inflation hasn't been even close to 4% since before 2007. What extra costs above tuition does KU and all the other schools in Kansas expect to incur to justify continuously outrageous tuition.

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Brownback criticized for speaking at conservative conference

It'd be great if we could separate the argument of whether someone disagrees with gay marriage and whether people hate gay people. Because it's not the same thing. It is entirely possible to disagree with gay marriage and not hate gay people. I don't hate women by disagreeing with multiple women marrying the same man.

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Opinion: Clinton email issues are overstated

The real problem for voters is the deceit and dishonesty. Clinton denies everything and then she continues to push a web of lies. I don't care if her email practices are illegal so much as she lies about it and won't apologize. It's just not a quality we need in the highest office.

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Lawrence engineers recommending lane reduction for stretch of Kasold Drive

Since when is a street light that actually stops traffic and has devoted crosswalk signal lights not safer than a roundabout where traffic doesn't stop, and is not able to see pedestrians as well?

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