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Kansas won't prevent singles from being foster parents

Koch industries specifically prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation. Not all companies do so I think based on this it is unlikely Koch will be formulating a myth about gay couples.

Keep in mind they have also stopped asking if you've been convicted of a felony on the job application.

Pretty progressive if you ask me, but hey what so I know?

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Letter: On guard

Alan, thanks to the first amendment you have the right to express your views. It is your right to write that you believe the 2nd amendment is outdated and that the right of the people to bear arms should be infringed, but that is not how our system works.

If the Constitution needs a change you cannot just ignore it or write laws contrary to it. You must amend it. Think about this - Brownback doesn't like abortion and there is no law that specifically provides the right to abortion. It was an interpretation of the SCOTUS that provided it. Are you okay with Brownback passing unconstitutional laws against abortion?

If not then respect all of our rights and amend the constitution if you feel that strongly about the 2nd amendment.

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Letter: School collapse

David, appreciate the insight but not every parent who sends their child to private school is wealthy. Private schools often adjust tuition based on the financial ability of the parents. The Catholic school where we sent our children only required that you tithed some amount that you set.

BSA has scholarships for lower income children to attend.

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Letter: School collapse

Dorothy, as a former teacher I think you would know the answer to that question, but I guess not.

Nope private schools do not have to accept all the children public schools do. Public schools have to provide for a wide range of educational needs that privat schools do not have to provide for.

I acknowledged this point in my question to Amy and still wondered if base aid was enough to educate a child.

Really surprised that you didn't know the answer to your question.

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Letter: School collapse

Appreciate the explanation. If you don't mind work through it a little more with me.

I understand that private schools don't have all the educational requirements that public schools have but can they actually educate a child for the base student aid?

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Letter: School collapse

I agree that Brownback is a failure, but help me understand how his actions will lead to kids learning ABCs in a church basement or a voucher system?

Regarding the voucher system, doesn't that still take funding, funding that Brownback has cut?

So how will defunding schools move us to a voucher system?

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Letter: Managing risks

The article I read said he was committed by a judge because he was a danger to himself and others. The government failed to report him to the database.

What good are gun control laws if they are not enforced?

Enforce current laws before dreaming up new ones.

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Letter: Managing risks

Dorothy, you are very dishonest and demonstrate a lack of integrity in your posts. You debate techniques are childish. No where in any of my posts will you find me voicing opposition to background checks so to say I am is dishonest.

In fact, I have actually called for funding to ensure people with mental illness are put into the background check database.

Name a law that the conservatives have changed that has loosened gun control. I am unaware of any gun control law that has been amended or repealed. Name one since you stated they have been

i don't know the details of him threatening his family? Was he convicted? If so, depending on the conviction he should have been prohibited from legally owning a gun.

Did the health care professionals treating him report him to the background check database? If not, the blood is on their hands.

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Letter: Managing risks

Not without violating the second amendment. What other constitutional rights do you want violated. Start with one and they are all in jeopardy.

Bet you don't like Brownback messing with abortion rights do you?

Many people drown in pools each year - are you trying to eliminate that risk too?

I suspect not, I suspect it is more about not liking guns and the people who legally own them.

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