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Letter: A better future

Ken, but won't electric cost rise when they come from non-clean energy and solar power and wind energy are sufficient to power our industries. Industry also depends heavily on trucking and rail.

Is biodiesel a clean energy not subject to the carbon tax? Yes, rail engines are electric but it is diesel that fuels that electricity.

Are you suggesting there will be no increased costs to transportation and industry? If so great, but if not what is the impact to these industries and ultimately the consumer who won't be able to recoup the added cost through the tax rebate?

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Letter: A better future

Curious how this is projected to impact industries that rely on fuels for which there are no clean energy? For example, the cost for airlines, railroads and manufacturing will increase but they won't be reimbursed will they? As far as I know there are no alternative fuels they can use or are there?

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Kansas revenue projections for next year contributing to even bigger budget hole

Andy, i am against wealth redistribution which is why I am against the Brownback tax/budget policies.

His experiment eliminated taxes for LLCs while also eliminating some tax deductions and credits for individuals with the promise of eliminating individual income tax to offset the loss of tax deductions and credits.

However, because of decline in revenue he kept the sales tax increase that was set to expire - a tax increase and reneged on lowering our tax rate which means coupled with the loss of tax deductions and credits we pay more in taxes.

Consequently (stay with me because this gets complicated here) he shift the dollars from my pocket and yours into the pockets of LLCs - wealth redistribution which I am against.

Even worse than what he has done to me, he has taken what little the poor had and given it to the rich.

I support lowering taxes but not on the back of the poor. I support eliminating TANF fraud, but I want meaningful action that can be enforced and based in reality - not some mean-spirited do nothing prohibitions on cruise ship spending.

I want safety nets to be there for those who need them and for them to be accessible. I don't want the process to be so difficult that people can't access the help they need and then claim they are receiving aid so they must be working.

No, I am not for redistribution of wealth, but I am also not for stupidity.

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Kansas revenue projections for next year contributing to even bigger budget hole

Budget director Shawn Sullivan said the downward revision was mainly due to smaller-than-expected growth in “consumption taxes,” including retail sales taxes, as well as a decline in corporate income taxes. Despite that, he said, the Brownback administration has no plans to reverse its tax policy, which calls for shifting the state’s reliance away from income taxes and onto consumption taxes.

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Rural neighbors, tree farm clash over noise, traffic

It isn't really agricultural use, but based on the story it is allowed to be classified as ag and not commercial or industrial use. The work of a lobbyist some time back no doubt.

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Kansas revenue projections for next year contributing to even bigger budget hole

Andy for a complex thinker you've missed a significant fact - services are being cut and your taxes are going up. The government is taking more from you and giving you less - contemplate the complexities of that scenario.

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Letter: Money talks

Corporations only influence elections if you let them. Research a candidate, don't believe mailers or ads and vote for the candidate that doesn't have a Super Pac.

The last part is hard and may mean voting for a candidate who isn't a D or R but if you feel strongly about money and campaigns it is the thing to do.

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Mike Hayden began the invitation-only turkey hunt as governor

I don't think he was trying to avoid saying killed when he said checked in. It is an appropriate term in the context of filling tags.

Can't say what happened to all that turkey meat, but all the hunters I know either consume what they kill, give it away or in the case of deer, donate it.

It is against the law to waste the meat, but I doubt few if any are ever cited for it.

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Police: Two complaints against officers found to have merit in 2014

It would be nice to know the nature of the complaint and the disciplinary action taken. To me, that is true transparency.

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Opinion: Good or bad, ‘Government’ is us

Did you ever read the book I recommended? What did you think of it.

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