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Opinion: Another appalling Trump nominee

I believe in him if Trump thinks he can do the job.

Liberal heads are exploding as they read that comment. LOL

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Letter to the editor: Guns among us

Great read. Thanks.

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Letter to the editor: Guns among us

What other rights do you want to license? It was tried with voting before in the form of a poll tax and that was declared unconstitutional- as it was clearly an effort to limit voting.

Please take time to study the Constitution and to learn the differences between rights and privileges. Furthering the flawed analogy between the right to own a gun and the privilege to drive a car distracts from finding real solutions to violence.

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Letter to the editor: Guns among us

Not one person said anything about loving guns. It is a fact that guns are intended to be used to kill. No one has tried to advance any other reason for the purpose of a gun. What other purpose could there be? Use it as a hammer? Don’t think so.

I want a tool that will stop someone trying to harm me or my family and choose a gun, not a marshmallow because the gun will kill them and the marshmallow won’t.

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Letter to the editor: Guns among us

“The man with a rifle in the Texas church parking lot only scared the shooter and didn’t save any of the two dozen killed.”

First he just didn’t scare him, he shot him.

Second, it is true that like law enforcement usually does he arrived after the fact, but he risked his life to protect others. One can’t say with certainty if the shooter would have escaped arrest or killed anyone else if he wasn’t shot and pursued by the civilians, but one can say with certainty that they made sure he didn’t have the opportunity.

The LTE asks why there is a need for a gun in a classroom, church or plane. Simple, because evil people target these places to carry out their evil. Schools and churches have begun to use armed security to protect its people. Air Marshals are armed because there are terrorists that still want to crash planes.

Figure out how to keep evil people from trying to rape, maim and kill or to crash planes and there may not be a need for guns, but until that day comes or until the 2nd amendment is repealed the people will have the right to bear arms.

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Letter to the editor: Take action on guns

I can support this gun control measure provided it doesn’t get mucked up with gun bans.

WASHINGTON — A bipartisan group of senators led by GOP Sen. John Cornyn of Texas introduced legislation Thursday to boost compliance with the federal background check system following a Texas church massacre that may have been prevented if authorities had reported the shooter's violent history.
The bill penalizes federal agencies who fail to properly report relevant records and provides incentives to states to improve their overall reporting to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. The bill also directs more federal funding to the accurate reporting of domestic violence records.

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Letter to the editor: Take action on guns

“I'm all for putting limits on guns that kill fast.” Guns don’t kill fast or slow - it depends on shot placement for how quickly a person will be killed.

Another well-meaning person commenting on a subject on which they obviously know little about.

I will give Dot props for her knowledge of farmers. Until her post on training I didn’t know all farmers were well trained on the use of firearms.

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Letter to the editor: Take action on guns

I do. I believe that people have a right to self-protection without reliance on the government. I also believe that people have a right to be armed as a deterrent to government protection and finally, I also believe that the people have a responsibility to be ready to defend their country from enemies. You and others might think I am a nut job for this, but while we generally rely on our military for protection, if all heck ever breaks out and we are invaded I and many other Americans will defend our country.

I really don’t think it is hard to imagine Russia or China attacking us if they perceive we are vulnerable. Russia has invaded other countries in recent times so why not us if they thought they could win?

Any you just never know when a terrorist may end up in your backyard - think Boston bomber.

Like I’ve said in many recent posts. We have a violence problem and we need to find solutions but taking away my right will not fix the problem but it will stop the conversation.

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Letter to the editor: Take action on guns

Thanks for the suggestion.

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Letter to the editor: Take action on guns

Steve Hicks - you raise good points on what the militia is. I agree Mason’s words are not the final say in what a militia is, but it really doesn’t matter. There is no definitive description of what a militia was intended to be by the founders and the 2nd amendment doesn’t state you must be a member of a militia to bear arms.

I do think that the founders believed a militia of the people was important to the defense of the country but they also believed that an armed population was important in preventing an oppressive government. Regardless, the Constitution states the right of the people....not the right of the militia or the people belonging to the militia, just the people.

You disagree with me -,I get it, but fortunately for me the SCOTUS agrees with me.

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