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Letter: Free speech

the 1958 legislation is just one piece of legislation and it gives veteran benefits to the families of confederate soldiers. Is the US in the practice of providing veteran benefits to non-US veterans?

Here is another source supporting what I stated. The relevant quote being "So, it’s true that Confederate and Union soldiers are considered equal under federal law, but critics argue that the same isn’t true of the American and Confederate flags."

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Letter: Free speech

Amy, it may be your opinion that Confederate soldiers are the equivalent of Nazis, but that is not a view shared by the US government. The US government through several laws have elevated the status of Confederate soldiers to that of Union soldiers.

Here is an article that lays it out nicely.

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Letter: Free speech

The Confederate flag does, to some, represent slavery and a dark time in our country's past. It can also represent American war veterans (veterans that have the same privileges and rights of Union soldiers).

To describe the person flying the flag as racist without knowing their motives is ignorant and counterproductive to any civil discourse.

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Lawrence man sentenced to probation in September shooting of 16-year-old boy

The conversation that needs to be had is not about guns, but violent crime and lax sentences for violent crimes.

This sentence is ridiculous and that Judge needs to go.

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Man shot outside bar in eastern Lawrence

Anyone who denies they is a violent crime problem isn't paying attention. There is a problem and we all should look for solutions, real solutions. Obama pretended he closed the so-called gun show loop hole when he did no such thing.

And if there really are unlicensed gun dealers selling at the gun shows then why isn't the ATF there to lock them up? Seems like it be like shooting fish in a barrel :). That is how you deal with criminals.

The solution is to enforce current laws and prosecute those who violate them to the fullest extent possible and two look for ways to solve the root cause of violence (lack of family structure, lack of education, lack of job opportunities and most of lack of hope).

Look for meaningful solutions that do not infringe upon the 2nd amendment or serve to make law abiding citizens criminals and you will have me right there with you.

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Man shot outside bar in eastern Lawrence

If they are engaged in the business of selling guns they must get licensed and do background checks. So, if they are in the business of selling guns and are unlicensed then they should be prosecuted - this is how you deal with criminals - prosecute them under existing law and not enact more laws.

Nothing Obama did changes anything. Individuals not engaged in the business of selling guns can still sell them.

Do you want to ban individual ownership of guns? It sounds like that is your solution, but I will let you respond instead of just assuming you do.

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Man shot outside bar in eastern Lawrence

I follow the news closely and don't recall hearing about gun shootings occurring in bars with any regularity. When is the last time you heard of it happening?

So you suggest less guns in the hands of people - how? How do you propose to do it?

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Man shot outside bar in eastern Lawrence

And what law that isn't already on the books would have stopped this crime from occurring?

Sarcasm is easy, but solutions aren't.

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Letter: Walk the walk

Fred wrote, "The misreading of the Second Amendment by the NRA and their supporters is the real problem."

Fred, you're forgetting about the SCOTUS and their ruling that it is an individual right.

Go ahead and repeal the second amendment if you can. It is your right to try.

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Letter: Peaceful approach

How about we help the American people living in abject poverty have food, housing, an education so they can develop a sense of personal worth?

We have a violence problem in this country and the above will do so much more to solve it than any law.

How to pay for it? Stop waging illegal wars in the Middle East and meddling in their internal affairs. Oh, and as a secondary benefit it may result in lessening their desire to kill us.

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