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Kansas Supreme Court blasts bill signed into law by Brownback

This legislature and administration is inept and dangerous.

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Letter: Koch goals

The Koch business is private they don't have stock prices to worry about.

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Letter: Perfect storm

I am a native American.

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Letter: Perfect storm

Your source is a quarter century old Libertarian platform? Reall? That is all you have.

Bet you don't hold democrats like Obama to their views from 24 years ago?

If you did you'd be writing how Obama was against gay marriage wouldn't you?

People evolve, views change. Show me where that is their current agenda. And you referred to both of them. Show me where Charles embraces these things too.

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Sebelius said to be weighing U.S. Senate bid

Not me. I think Chad Taylor would make a much better Senator.

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Letter: Koch goals

Only 23 Americans gave more to charity than David Koch. Soros wasn't even close but he did give more than a lot of others.

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Letter: Koch goals

Where did Bob's post go?

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Letter: Koch goals

I don't disagree that we as a society created this environment where this culture was allowed to take a foothold.

We can't just yank away govt assistance and demand they pull themselves up by their bootstraps They don't have the skills and the resources. We, as a society have to break the cycle and change the culture.

Throwing more money at them won't improve their condition. They will still be poor.

We need to focus on the youngest generation and the unborn generations. Proper nutrition, health care and finding ways to see they relive a proper education are key, but just putting more money into existing programs won't fix the problem.

Want to argue about something then don't pick our justice system because I won't defend it. It is not fair. Many people are railroaded.

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Letter: Koch goals

Of course they will because they have double standards.

Personally, I will attack Bloomberg's policies but not him. I applaud him for using his own money to fight for something he believes in. He is wrong in his position but I won't attack him personally.

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Letter: Koch goals

So if the Koch companies stop making a profit they will cease to exist. If they cease to exist then 10s of thousands of people will lose their jobs.

But that is better than earning more money right?

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