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Despite ruling, gay couples in Kansas still battling for recognition

Brownback is just being obstinate and mean.

The mechanism for adding spouses and children to health benefits and all other benefits are in place.

The boxes you check, the computer programs that process the information and so on do not know the difference between Bob and Ted being married and Bob and Marcia being married.

You don't need new processes or new rules for same sex marriages - just file them under marriage and move on.

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Ex-mayor’s son wants Confederate flag removed in Wichita

Confederate soldiers are American veterans and as such deserve respect and remembrance. To try and eradicate their memory by removing the flag and memorials won't solve any problems but will further divide us and disrespect American war veterans.

The Confederate flag should never be provided the importance of our American flag, but it does have a place in our history.

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Chad Lawhorn named as Journal-World managing editor

A true journalist and real asset to not only LJW but Lawrence as well.

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Tech education incentives cut for Kansas school districts

Alright I am no expert but it seems like helping young people get a technical education helps prepares them to enter the work force, be self- reliant and contributing tax paying members of society. It truly is an investment that will pay back dividends.

How stupid is it to cut funding for this program?

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Local patients, health care providers relieved by Obamacare ruling; GOP vows to keep fighting

How would Kansas not comply with the ruling? Nothing has changed and it requires nothing of the state. Help me understand your point.

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Letter: Less safe

Excellent suggestion.

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Lawrence lands major basketball tourney, but questions raised over how to use Rock Chalk Park rec center

It is a matter of trust, not a matter of whether or not the tournament is important.

The tournament by all accounts seems to a good thing for Lawrence, but again, our city government has given us reason to mistrust them.

When someone tells you a court will be open and then reneges on that promise it is a broken promise no matter the reason.

Are those who committed to keeping a court open so incompetent that they didn't know a large tournament would need all eight courts or did they mislead to gain acceptance of the red center?

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Letter: Less safe

I support people having training. It is a good thing to take training but I support the Constitution and the 2nd amendment doesn't require training so I oppose the government requiring it just like I am opposed to the government require women to view videos or literature before having an abortion.

You're right not everyone can handle a stressful situation but many can and many have stopped criminals because they were armed.

I am a reasonable guy so a good compromise is for the government to offer free online videos and actual training at no cost for people who voluntarily take it.

You're making lots of assumptions but you can't point to where we have a bunch of Rambos running amok now in Kansas or another state that doesn't require a permit.

You're also making the assumption that people carry to protect others. I don't. I can tell the bad guy very easily. He or she is the person in very close proximity to me brandishing a weapon or actively threatening me. Not the guy across the street or room. If they are not in close proximity to me then they are not a threat and I have no business shooting them. If they are a threat but not close, I will simply retreat.

And, even if they are close and a threat I may choose not to shoot because of what is behind them that I can see or can't see. Shooting someone is an absolute last resort for me. First I try not to put myself in situations where I will need to defend myself. Second I will retreat or look for a non-violent solution, and lastly I will shoot only if I know I won't injure or kill an innocent person.

Go to my earlier post and look at the people who did stop mass shootings.

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Letter: Less safe

Bob like shooting fish in a barrel. Nicely done.

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Letter: Less safe

Dorothy, you're too funny. You ask me to defend a position but dictate how I can defend it. Asking me to respond with one hand tied behind my back. Okay I'm game.

First, to carry with a permit does not currently require gun safety training. It requires training but the training is primarily on the law and not safety. No demonstration of safe firearm handling is required. Only a simple proficiency test.

So, if safety training is not required for permitted concealed carry then why should it be required for non-permitted concealed carry?

Once you understand the principles of safe gun handling what updated training is needed? You must practice to maintain your proficiency at hitting your target but what "updated training" is needed to know how to handle a gun safely?

You say the guns back then weren't as dangerous as the ones we have today - you do not know what you're talking about. Every hear of a Gatlin gun? Would you rather have an old Gatlin gun or a modern .38 pistol in a battle.

And yes, I know you said I can't use the Constitution but you can't escape that pesky second amendment that gives us the right to bear arms.

If you believe we should ignore the Constitution when it comes to the 2nd amendment do you also believe we can ignore it when it protects a woman's right to have an abortion, a same sex couple equal protection under the law?

And don't argue that the 2nd amendment doesn't provide for the right of an individual to possess a gun. It is the law. It can be restricted but it doesn't have to be restricted.

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