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Letter to the editor: Important vote

"I wrote a letter to the editor here in 2010 calling for an increase in Kansas corporate income tax since we know that Koch Industries in Wichita has a gross annual income of more than $100 billion."

Why would you suggest raising corporate income tax based on what one company earns annually? Sounds like a Bernie policy. Doesn't matter if the rate generates an appropriate amount of revenue let's take more because they are successful.

This kind of mentality is as dangerous as Brownback's failed tax policy.

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Letter to the editor: No more quiet

I haven't noticed anything like you describe And I go there a lot.

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Postcard-only rule for inmate mail spurs lawsuit in Kansas

Sometimes I just have to shake my head at the stupidity of some government officials. This Figgins fellow sounds like an ignorant small-minded person who doesn't understand the law.

I am sure there are some who applaud making prison as miserable as possible for inmates but that mentality is short-sighted. It is important for in,ages to maintain relationships with their family. Family support once they are released is critical for successful reintegration into the community.

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Gov. Brownback says Kansas pulling out of refugee funding program

I have not met a refugee personally bit I've seen them on television and I know some are desperate people trying to escape harsh living conditions and secure a better life. A small percentage do have terrorist ties and want to enter with the good people to do harm to our nation and to us.

I see the problems Europe is having with the refugees, crime and an unwillingness to assimilate into the culture of the country. I do not want this to happen in the US.

You're right about the billions we waste on illegal wars, corporate subsidies, etc. We have resources but our priorities are screwed up.

My plan is to let's quit fighting illegal wars, stop nation building and stop foreign aid, especially to countries like China.

Let's take those dollars and rebuild our country's cities, invest in our schools and help people break the cycle of poverty. Train them to do the jobs American businesses need. And yes, let's provide the assistance to our veterans to help them live healthy and productive lives.

We need to take an inventory of our natural resources to determine the maximum population our country can sustain. And after all of the above is done we can allow people to come here provided they fill a need that Americans can't.

No where in our Constitution does it say we will provide charity to other nations. It is not the role of our government to act as a charity to people of other nations. There are many private organizations that individuals can support that provide aid to poor people in other countries

I can look refugees in the eye, men, women and children and say you cannot come here. It is sad, but I believe in America first and our country should do what is our best interest Bringing unskilled people here, especially those unwilling to assimilate is not in our best interest. People living in cities like Detroit live in harsh conditions that rival the conditions some refugees face.

Bottom line I do not want to bring refugees here because I do not see the value in it and our resources are better spent on fixing the problems poor Americans face.

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Gov. Brownback says Kansas pulling out of refugee funding program

We are not a Christian nation. Christian values, just like any other religious values should not guide our country.

Let your religion guide your personal action and let our Constitution and laws based on it guide our country.

We have our own poor and needy including veterans. Let's care for these Americans before we care for non-Americans. When children here do not go to bed hungry and when veterans get the care they need then we can care for others.

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New Lawrence law up for vote would allow goats, sheep and bee hives

You have to have two goats because they are social and to keep just one is inhumane. So, it is better to give them a friend to love and play with....that is until you slaughter their friend which is permissible. Nuts I say.

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Kansas Senate spat sees Hensley say to Francisco: ‘I’m done with you’

LOl there is a first time for everything.

Come on let's make it two in a row. I think Brownback is a total failure - agree or disagree?

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Kansas Senate spat sees Hensley say to Francisco: ‘I’m done with you’

Where is the poster lying about GOP leaders? I'm not seeing it.

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Kansas Senate spat sees Hensley say to Francisco: ‘I’m done with you’

Why? The democrats are fighting. And if she knew enough about the bill to explain why she couldn't support then she knew enough to vote no. Step up and do the right thing and vote no on a bad bill.

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