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Brownback: It's up to Legislature to cut budget

Even Jeb Bush looks good when compared to Brownback for President.

I did hear that Carter is hoping for a Brownback presidency so he can finally be rid of the worst president moniker.

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Brownback: It's up to Legislature to cut budget

come on Dave, comment.

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Brownback: It's up to Legislature to cut budget

The budget problem isn't funny but it is funny watching Brownback through the legislature under the bus. Brownback is right, it is their job to fix the budget problem and they are the ones that created albeit at Brownback's urging.

Trabert used to come on here and argue that it was untrue that services would be cut and that there was a budget problem. He used facts and figures to support his position but now the curtain has been pulled away and Dave and is emperor are wearing no clothes.

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Your Turn: Elected mayor might benefit Lawrence

So Dot how do your do it? I have no clue how we'd fire him. Please tell.

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Jenkins says conservatives won in $1.1 trillion spending bill

Satan better have a sweater handy as I am agreeing with you Dot :)

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Saturday Column: Concern about park’s finances continues to simmer

I wonder how many other people besides the few that post here care or are informed about what the city does with our tax dollars?

Do we represent the majority or are we just a little itty bitty group of vocal complainers?

I guess we will see come election time.

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Over 100 KU students come out to voice concerns at multicultural forum

Martin Luther King Jr. told us that we should judge people not by the color of their skin but the content of their character. I took those words to heart as a very young man and I put them to action.

Decades later I am becoming aware that it is a fantasy to believe we should be color blind. I keep hearing about how black people want this or don't want that. How their needs are different than mine because of the color of their skin it is evident they believe they are part of a group whose only connection is skin color.

If it is okay for any one race to segregate themselves by skin color then isn't it okay for all groups.

With that said, I will not stoop to their level and define people or judge people or call people my people because of skin color.

My people are all people regardless of skin color. My outrage is for all unjust police killings not just those that involve people of one skin color.

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Letter: Safe sledding

Geez you got a plastic ice rink and now you want a sledding park? Should we also provide free hot chocolate too?

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City Manager now says he will withhold controversial Rock Chalk Park payment

The city manager needs to go. Candidates should run on the platform of firing the city manager if elected. They'd get my vote.

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Letter: Home invasion

It is extremely sad to think your dog suffered like that not only once but twice because you were irresponsible. Perhaps the first time you could be excused, but the second time knowing the danger existed, you had a responsibility and obligation to your dog to keep him safe.

Keeping him safe meant keeping him on a leash or taking the time to train the dog to respond to your commands off-leash and even investing in a radio collar to be able to find him if he did wander away and not return

Sad and preventable.

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