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In advance of Lawrence visit, former White House photographer Pete Souza reflects on Obama presidency

Clicking on Keira Clark shows Eloise Wilson.(?)

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'A giant mess': Governor working with lawmakers to fix $80M error in Kansas school funding bill

We need more English teachers in the legislature to avoid these mistakes in the laws they write.

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Massachusetts Street to close all day Saturday before KU's national semifinal game

"The city will provide a shuttle from KU's Memorial Stadium to the 700 block of Vermont Street from 11 a.m. Saturday until one hour after the game ends, the release said."
Please tell us how often the shuttle will run.

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'Guns are not worth more than children’s lives': One month after Florida massacre, students in Lawrence join national walkout

There is no evidence that Adolf Hitler ever said or wrote anything like this, even allowing for the vagaries of translation from German to English. This quotation is often cited as having come from Mein Kampf, the autobiography and political polemic written by Hitler during his during stay in Landsberg prison, but no such passage appears in that work. In fact, this quotation appears to have been virtually non-existent until 2014, when it was used as the heading to Chapter 11 of Willfully Ignorant, a novel by Pat Miller set in Nazi-era Germany. (That book also mistakenly cited Mein Kampf as the source of the quotation.)

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Lawrence educators blast proposals for arming teachers as ludicrous and a distraction from the real issues

I think someone should ask students how they would feel about their teachers having guns.

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Lawrence police say 1 arrested in largely peaceful flag protest

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I guess we can't criticize the Journal-World in our comments.

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Lawrence police say 1 arrested in largely peaceful flag protest

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New York Elementary's MLK Chili Feed rescheduled for Monday

Why didn't anyone inform us -- send an email -- that the chili feed was canceled??? I walked down to NY School from 14th and NH in 10 degree weather, with some carrots to donate, and found two other people there who had also come for the food. We knew that school was canceled, but I, for one, thought that the chili feed was still on.

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Letter to the editor: Yemen crisis

Thanks for your reader comments. One important line of my letter, the last line, was left out in the printed letter in the paper: "For more information:"
Additionally, this Journal-World letter was limited to 250 words. I originally had 300 words in my letter, which included these other lines: Public infrastructure has been damaged and homes destroyed by Saudi attacks; more than three million people have fled their homes.
A staggering 1.2 million civil servants haven't received their salaries in more than a year, leaving health, education, and sanitation services without the people and resources needed to keep them running. The international community stands by without taking action."

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New pastry shop and bakery opens near Sixth and Wakarusa in West Lawrence

1111 Massachusetts Street, Curry in a Hurry.

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