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KU fraternity suspended by national organization in wake of animal cruelty allegations

Anyone who didn't try to stop this is an accomplice to the crime and should be prosecuted accordingly. PETA, isn't exactly the organization I'd go with due to their lies, a good ol' animal cruelty investigator would get the job done. Shame on you fellow KU students. You are a disgrace to the University.

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Autopsy report's best explanation of Douglas County Jail inmate's death is 'seizure activity'

Well checks done at state prisons and douglas county are every 30 minutes. You forget that a jailer may have already done his or her well check and the person died between that time. she was prnounced dead at 9:51 looks to me the guard was probably either right on time with the well check or early. and if you've ever been in jail there is a huge list of questions about what medications your are currently on. If she was given any meds including detox meds and had safety percautions and she still died. They did everything they could. The jail staff is wonderful and takes this stuff seriously.

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Jet sparks curiosity

I heard them, and then looked out my front window and saw them both they turned around above 23rd st maybe right above quicktrip? because I could see them turning right out my front window. I thought... "huh... I sure hope something doesn't malfunction and a neighborhood gets smashed." Then my second thought was "I didn't think they were supposed to fly that low in residental areas nevermind training in residental areas" then my final thought was....."oh tihs.....what if someone that wants to kill americans got into the military and is just randomly doing suicide attacks on neighborhoods and its happening all over" Then, they were gone. Poof.

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Lawrence man files lawsuit against Washburn, health care contractor after incident involving ADHD medication

Alceste- On his behalf....lets hope he kept copies of everything if he did recieve it in writing. (Reminder to everyone....get and keep all agreements in writing and keep copies ALWAYS!!) I'll tell you one thing....if Washburn is found that they violated ADA, in ANYWAY Shape or form, they will be in big, BIG trouble.

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No thanks

All you Obama haters..........Closet Racists......

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No thanks

wow next time you want to try to be funny....spell a persons name correctly. Yes I'm talking about Mr. Grubers.

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District attorney: Prosecutors need more information about rape allegation

I'm going to say it again... she is a liar. She will lie to any extent if she is mad at him for any reason.

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Lawrence man, 26, arrested on charges of raping girlfriend

The girlfriend and him are alcoholics. She is a manipulator and compulsive liar. If you have sex daily with a person and happen to be....say....rough that may look like rape. She may have said it was rape if she was vindictive or...jealous and was upset at something he said, or did. I belive she's also had to apologize to the court once for lying to them.

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Authorities seize ivory stash

that is heartbreaking

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Cell blockage

Irish- Did you not read the article? The inmates pass these cells around. How would they know which inmate used it illegally? Passing a magazine or taking an extra orange is illegal within prison walls. Not even the guards are allowed cell phones in the prisons. Inmates are in prison for a reason. They already have T.V's, radios, are fed 3 times a day, have a library, get to go outside, get visitors several times a week.....and so on. Why let them have one more luxury that could potentially take someone's life? We have to get scramblers around the prison walls and devices (maybe dogs?) to sniff out the cell phones in the cells and on inmates.

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