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Longtime owner of East Lawrence's Sunrise Garden Center places business and property up for sale

I'm disgusted that you went with doug brown. Everyday, there is another reason I can't wait to get out of this town. The schools, businesses and people have all lost their real "Lawrencian" feel about them. Its no longer Lawrence or the home of the Jayhawks its just Topeka's East side. I'll be glad to move but getting my family to go along won't be so easy. If your thinking of moving to Lawrence, Don't its not what it used to be.

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Ben McLemore on if it was his last college game: 'At this point, I really don't know'

He's not ready. AND our soldiers should be getting paid more than professional sports players.

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KU spring enrollment dips; officials hope for turnaround in autumn

It's the English Department.

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New towing policy has addressed overcharging concerns, county official says

So what about those people out there that are disabled and can afford a car from a used lot and someone runs into them and then they have to get a tow and pay for it? those people don't have 1,000 laying around. Some don't even have 150. I'm thinking of a scene I saw where a veteran got hit and he didn't have the money for the tow.

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Mail deliveries interrupted by snow; normal schedule should return Saturday

They always forget the 2200 block of Pennsylvania the entire block has to complain before they will come plow it. The last time it snowed this much, they plain said 'No' to our multiple requests to come plow the street.

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What would you do to help improve the Kansas University men’s basketball team?

I have a dog that will chase them up the stadium stairs and back down several times. And only when my dog is tired do they get to stop. I'd say good luck to that.

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Lawrence Laundry: UGG boots a point of contention

LJWORLD, you don't want people to be informed? are you crazy?

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KU fraternity suspended by national organization in wake of animal cruelty allegations

Excuse me, but if I would have seen this, I would have first called the police and then done everything I could to take the turkey away from them. I am a very very strong animal advocate. I would jump in front of my dog if a cop was going to shoot it and take the bullet myself. (an epidemic in itself cops shooting dogs) I have heard of bystander effect. Silly you bring that up, my family is law enforcement and lawyers. The US senate just passed a law that if you go to a dog fight or bring a child to a dog fight you can now be legally charged with a felony. That would be why I believe everyone who didn't stop it should be prosecuted, even if its not law. And no, I will not keep my legal opinions to myself. You don't abuse people, and you don't abuse animals. We are all animals in the animal kingdom and we don't rule over any other species. You really think I wouldn't save a turkey's life because I'd be afraid of some frat boys? You are very very wrong. You abuse animals in front of me you will wish you never met me.

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Police respond to animal cruelty complaint at KU fraternity

With this on their record it will be hard to get those jobs.

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