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District mulls some savings suggestions

Also-- to that end --Conservative--- once again--- the district drew the lines that way--- so NY is forced to only have the number of students there....look at the map-- if boundaries were redrawn -- NY could take on more students and share the burden that way....the numbers could level out......

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District mulls some savings suggestions

Whilst that maybe a point of argument-- CONSERVATIVE, but it is completely inappropriate to make one area of town, one school pay the price-- that is just not right. The planning this district has made has only planned for more sprawl further and further from the core of the City. And, it needs to stop-- the budget crisis has only shown light onto the very poor planning that has been going on. And, it is very contentious to make the core of the city pay that price.
And, your answer still does not go toward answering that question-- is it fair for us to pay for these new schools with no care to repercussion to the existing school. Our "throw away" society has led us down this path....and it is not sustainable for the long run. I am confused by some talk about SONS budget as a band-aid that kicks the problem further..... I don't see that when I look it over. I think the district is responsible for creating that scenario.....

And, what the district has managed to do is split us all down the middle so that we are attacking one another.....they and the legislature are responsible for this mess. And we have to pay the price.

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District mulls some savings suggestions

CONSERVATIVE SAYS....."If the save our schools crowd doesn't want to close any schools then they are right that fees are the answer. They can be found in the form of a benefit district for the smaller schools. Since the argument against closing schools is that they are valuable for individual neighborhoods then those neighborhoods won't mind paying the extra taxes to keep their school open. And before you cry out that it is the responsibility of the entire community to educate our children, i agree with you. However the smaller schools are costing up to 2000 per student more to operate. If you want to be selfish and demand YOUR neighborhood school stay open then pony up the money, if not stop decreasing the money available to educate the students at the other schools."

The problem is not that these schools are inherently more expensive to run-- New York for example has the "cost per pupil" nonsense at a higher rate because of the veteran staff that is employed at NY-- these teachers will not be cut anyway-- they will be moved to other schools-- so that argument just doesn't fly. And, if the boundary lines were redrawn for the New York neighborhood that did not include an industrial park(?) then that would be more fair-- take a look at the map the way the lines are drawn-- the district has drawn us right out of the "competition" so to speak. The framing of this conversation is a big problem!! New York doesn't cost more to run -- and FYI-- my taxes went to pay for Langston Hughes...that new school that did not exist 15 years I have to pay more so that the new kids in town can go to a neighborhood school... is that fair??.....YES it is in fact fair. It is common sense -- if some wants a neighborhood school on their side of town-- you cannot argue that one is right and one is wrong--sorry!

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Other cuts

Crazy--- why does that offend you? what do have against the East side schools??--would you prefer those people just lay down and take one for the team again?
ALSO-- FYI--the SONS group is an inclusive group for all schools......

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Other cuts

The Board makes the vote-- but the role of the superintendent is to give information to the Board so they can make the best decision.
Why does "tough" choices mean eliminating schools on the East side? That does not seem "tough" to me-- it seems cowardly and uncreative! ---Do not try and "distract" me from the the facts--please! ---We having been pouring over data every night for the last two months, attending meetings and asking questions.
There have been many people at SONS going over the numbers with certified accountants-- offering solutions that maybe not be easy but certainly less painful than wiping out entire schools.

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Other cuts

Citizen X makes a good point..... This system needs to be fixed not just kick the problem further down the line-- if our superintendent can't be the one to fix it-- then we need to find someone who can.

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Other cuts

Bob-- those people( paraprofessionals) will continue to be there to serve special needs-- they will not be cut. --I attended a meeting in which someone from the district cleared up that valid concern. That comes from funding that is not at stake right now.

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Other cuts

No schools need to close. This waste is out of control. But, the waste is not happening in the classroom--the teachers are working harder than ever trying to meet the the test scores and USD guidelines put out by our system. The waste is happening at the top ---the administrative costs to "run" USD497 are out of control. The current system and people in the management clearly cannot handle the funds. And, every couple of years they suggest school closure to "weather a crisis"--- well clearly this has not saved any money--- if in 2003 they closed three schools-- did not save enough money than what will??
Also, this is a classic wedge issue like any other political device designed to divide us---SONS is trying to unite. And, FYI-- they solved the budget without closing schools--- it CAN happen!!!

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District weighs budget options

Closing schools is permanent. Athletics and services can bounce back over time.

I agree academics over sports, academics over administration!

One side of town should not have to bare the entire burden--east side has already lost schools!
Share this burden.....Support all schools!

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Lawrence parents plan Save our Schools rally for this weekend

YES ---I am going to march for ALL neighborhood schools!

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