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Supreme Court upholds key part of Obama health law

What is so wrong with taxes?

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Supreme Court upholds key part of Obama health law

One anecdote doesn't make an argument. That's called generalization. Having said that, I've seen universal health coverage work flawlessly in Germany and France.

An MCL can go for months and not be a huge problem, although if someone is needing pain meds., that's a problem. Meniscus tear - Primary doc referral, one week later MRI (not even necessary), 5 weeks later surgery. Right here in Lawrence. I don't think wait times are what's going to determine success or failure.

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GOP hostility blocked Kan. work on health overhaul

Well, he's against abortion and that's all that matters.

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One-term gov

As far as the recall goes, it's nearly impossible in Kansas. Kansas has some of the toughest recall rules in the nation.

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The global warming power play

First of all -Nice 007!

There's an interesting common thread here - for some, a short term bout of frigid weather in the northern hemisphere is enough to "prove" that there's no way that the earth is in a warming period that could be decades long (or not). If your region has a drought, does that mean the whole world is drying up? Do you just see what is going on around you today and not think of a bigger picture? Isn't it intuitive that a closed system that has solar energy added continually is at risk when you increase green house gases and decrease CO2 consumers (tropical forests)? Forget believing in one doctrine or another.

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