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New Kansas University programs in two central-Kansas communities will expand the medical school’s reach across the state

style guide whoops: University of Kansas, not Kansas University!

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Town Talk: ‘Vote no on library’ signs appear; downtown mural questioned; home sales down for September

Interesting question, Kontum. We take our kids to the library about once a week. Each time we've gone, most of the computers in the kids' room are open. The ones that I see being used are usually used to play games. I occasionally see a kid looking at the catalog.

I am grateful that they do offer computers in the kids' room. We don't allow our older children into the basement of the library because of the amount of porn that is viewed by patrons down there.

I think the better argument for more computers is to keep certification, not to allow stinky bums to watch x-rated material. Still, I'm voting no on the library, not because I don't support kids or books, but because I think that this plan is too expensive. I'd rather see a satellite locations open up.

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Diabetic treat recipes, scared up just in time for Halloween

Awesome article! Thanks!

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Wrong way driver killed, at least one other person injured, in accident on K-10 between Eudora, De Soto Monday night

So sad!

There's some little old lady in a green minivan who lives near 18th street and turns left onto Wakarusa to go to her chiropractor just down the street who also has serious issues with finding her correct lane. If anyone knows who she is.....she shouldn't be driving.

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Lawrence elementary school task force mulls all-day kindergarten

All day kindergarten is not great for all kids....especially young boys. Maybe Scott Morgan should brush up on his research.

The parents who like it tend to like it because then they don't have to pay for daycare.

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Industrial sites to get hearings; foreclosures up in Douglas County; homeless shelter releases statistics

Foreclosures have doubled this year compared to last year! It's not like 2009 was an "easy" economic year....

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T service cut

1. Get a rollercart for your grocery bags.
2. The T should replace some of its buses with minivans with wheelchair lifts and bike racks. I rarely see more than a few passengers on the T. Minivans would be more efficient than the current gargantuan empty things on the road.

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Out to lunch

There have been some great articles on ways to improve school lunches lately:

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Out to lunch

The public school system is well beyond saving. It is fundamentally broken, and has been for some time. This letter only addresses yet another issue with the system. The lunches are horribly lacking in proper nutrition; it's essentially all highly processed food. Sadly, the school lunch program may be the easiest thing to fix in public schools.

I wish that we could get some of our tax dollars back to pay for homeschooling materials, as is done in other states. Still, we scrimp and sacrifice in order to live on one salary and to buy materials so that I can teach our children at home.

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Furniture stores opening in former food store on South Iowa

Amen friendlyjhawk. We do not need a study in this area. Lawrence commissions WAY too many studies. *If* a study is necessary, why can't we use our own planners???

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