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Curbside recycling committee recommending city sign contract with Hamm Companies for local recycling center; question of whether to accept glass still undecided

We also fill our Deffenbaugh recycling container to the brim weekly.

Deffenbaugh has been providing a good service inexpensively.....why does the city need to mess with this?

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Evacuation lifted for homes near Langston Hughes school in west Lawrence after large grass fire

Can I suggest that in the future the city put something onto their website or onto the fire-medical website or any other type of place where people can check online?

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Evacuation lifted for homes near Langston Hughes school in west Lawrence after large grass fire

Thanks for posting this story as soon as it began....I was able to go help evacuate an elderly relative. Thanks also to the officers who were carefully going door to door to make sure everybody made it out of the neighborhood!

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Perry man killed in one-vehicle rollover accident west of Lawrence

Do we know any description of the car?

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After housing, what's your highest monthly bill?

taxes, then healthcare costs, then food

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Bella Sera residents hope to expand community after sale

I don't think the condo project failed because the housing bubble burst. I think it failed because the asking price for a condo is as much as a nice 4-5 bedroom house in Lawrence. Those with the money to live some place like that are more likely to want their own home and to pay someone else to do the landscaping and other upkeep work.

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Town Talk: Bikes and books and, oh my, doughnuts at Ninth and Mass.?; city to consider building public parking lot at Poehler building; Compton's incentives requests still in limbo

I'd love to see a Euro-styled convenience store (which is traditionally is part newspaper stand & part snack shop--including prepackaged deli sandwiches & fresh fruit & chips in addition to carrying the usual convenience store items like milk, over the counter meds, stamps, diapers, etc.)

I'd also love to see some kind of family-friendly entertainment center.....indoor golf, arcade games, science play center, whatever....

H&M or Trader Joe's would be awesome, but we don't have the market for them to want to come in.... Chick-Fil-A? A Chick-Fil-A would be awesome...

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Woman taken to hospital following car-pedestrian accident

I saw the police cars, fire truck, & ambulance.....I hope that he or she will be ok!

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Best of Lawrence 2011: Coffee, Burgers and Dancing

The Aphrodite burger from Mad Greek is pretty good. :)

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