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LHS softball sweeps twinbill with Raiders

you know I hate watching girls sports, but LJWorld never posts any pictures from the girls sports and if they do its miniscule compared to the boys sports pictures.......any comments on that LJW?

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Perfect: Veritas claims state football title

you are an idiot; heartofalion56 wasn't even talking to you he was talking to that idiot edjayhawk maybe you guys should get together and throw rocks at each other for being so stupid

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Perfect: Veritas claims state football title

I hope you are joking........this coach would not be able to handle 6A football in the state of Kansas that would be like saying KU football should hire the head coach of the NCAA div. III team that wins the championship this year. Before you open your mouth on LJWorld you should think if you're going to sound stupid like you just did before you say something

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Lawrence High football team making sacrifices

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LHS baseball wins in new home

I bet you are one of those people that lives in the surrounding neigborhood who has been complaining about all the construction.........well I say everyone in the neighborhood should get over themselves cuz my entire career at LHS we've never been able to play a true home game except for in track and that's absolutely ridiculous i'm so glad LHS finally gets to play true home games on campus. so quit your moaning and groaning.

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LHS boys, girls fall to Olathe South

mom_of_three you seem like you are a bit sore that your kid isn't getting enough playing time :( poor mama's baby maybe you should just keep her home and home school her and make your own team since you know so much and then you wouldn't have to worry about the seniors than ANCHORED the state championship game a couple years ago

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Lions’ drought a mystery

I agree with your last post justcause, but your one about coach Wedd's coaching not being affective is total bull. In years past he's been blessed with kids that have talent and want to play football. Here lately he's only had very few kids with talent and very few kids that want to play football. This year he had the same thing, but he had a ton of injuries. I was part of the class of '09 and we had a chance to be really great, but some of our team wasn't ready to come out and play or practice yesterday. So give Wedd some players with talent and want to play football and I'll bet you anything he could take them back to state.

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Lions’ drought a mystery

seriously cuz i didn't read about anyone complaining about the LHS facilities

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Lions’ drought a mystery

you are my boy heartofalion56 i know you remember we had chem together haha and we are fat haha

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Good works from the gridiron

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