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Tonganoxie sixth-grader detained after explosive device confiscated at school

Woodenfleaeater: Are YOU the one behind that pig and welded door legend at LHS!? Cool! I always heard it, but never realized it was true. Hats off. : )

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Local students spend day learning about inauguration

I can't believe people are actually suggesting that a teacher crying or showing emotion during the inaugural events yesterday should be fired!! I must say I didn't cry, but I was quite moved yesterday simply by the fact that so many Americans were brought together in one show of camraderie, Aretha Franklin was amazing, and it really got me just watching the kids CARE to listen. I encouraged them to clap when the crowd clapped - after performances, etc. It's basic courtesy, and yes, kids need to be taught those things. The thought that hopefully this fervor will at least get them INVOLVED, whether democrat or republican is very exciting. Why would anyone be surprised to see a teacher crying when showing something to their students that sparks something within them!? That's what (MOST OF) the teachers I know state as the thing they enjoy most about their jobs - when they see a light bulb really start shining. It's sad to see people who want to blame and convict any time you have the chance to jump to a conclusion.

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Longtime dream becomes thriving business

Way to go, Anthony! (And Tony and Terri and the rest of the clan) I'm not only proud of you because I know what good people you are, but the products you make are also the best around. I've bought honey and lip balm as holiday gifts for my friends far away. It's a cool way to share Lawrence with my friends and support Anthony, too.

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Vanity plates show LUV4KU

Did anyone notice that at least two of these have nothing to do with KU?

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How much lesson planning time do you think elementary teachers should have per week?

Elementary teachers in Lawrence are paid to arrive 30 minutes before class begins and end their work day 30 minutes after the students leave. Before school is generally spent checking email (required by administration to be informed for each day) and laying out materials for the first class. And forget about that if any staff member feels they need to talk with you about planning a time to work with your students (librarian, counselor, WRAP, special ed, etc.) Teachers have 40 minutes plan time each day while the kids go to music, gym, or art. However, this usually is cut down by a minimum of 5-10 minutes simply to line the kids up, stop at the bathroom or water fountain, etc, then wait for them and pick them up afterwards. This leaves about 30 minutes, and typically consists of picking up a few things off the floor, running to the restroom, and checking email, which teachers are bombarded with from parents, professional organizations, district, administration, and co-workers. Most schools find a way to cover one recess time per day, however students generally need more than one recess, meaning the teachers must cover any recess time other than the first. Lunch is normally 25 minutes, which counts the time you take to walk the kids to/from the lunchroom and catch stragglers coming back from other classes - often kids are pulled out here or there for reading, math, counseling, enrichment, whatever. Then, of course, in that 25 minutes you must warm up or prepare your meal for eating. It's fairly difficult to eat a normal meal within 20 minutes with all of this included. After school, a teacher rarely is 'alone' for planning. Kids hardly ever all leave the room when the bell rings. They either need some follow up, their parents do, or a teacher may keep kids to help with projects or late work. Normally a teacher's real dismissal is at least 15 minutes after the bell, which allows for another 15 minutes to call parents or pick up the room before the end of the duty day. However, many after-school tasks are put off because Monday might be leadership meeting, Tuesday could be a staff meeting, Wed. is collaboration, and so on. As you can see, there really isn't much planning in teachers' planning time. While teachers DO plan quite a bit in the summer and on weekends and during their evenings, it is most effective to have regularly scheduled time throughout the week to plan lessons based on what you observe during the day. I would have to agree with whoever posted earlier that teachers do NOT need more time taken out of their day with students, though. Most teachers in my experience would just like to be paid for the many, many hours they spend outside the classroom during their 'off' time because they are dedicated to good teaching and to enlightening their students. Sorry for the long post - just thought some of you might find it helpful to see how things work each day. (And this is NOT a complaint - just an explanation.)

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Homicide suspect's trial set

Why do people think that 10-15 years in jail would fix this 16yr old, anyway? I agree that he deserves punishment if he's guilty - absolutely. But I just don't see how locking up a sixteen year old, no matter how "bad" he already is, especially with a bunch of guys who are already set in their ways on the side of violence and self-preservation will make the kid any better a person, and therefore SOCIETY any better once he gets out. We need a more effective system for rehabilitation afer crimes. Too bad society (WE) didn't help him out with some guidance ahead of time. Just remember that when some of you vote not to fund programs that help kids like this before they get involved in similar situations!

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Teachers reject board's initial pay offer

hawk, let me know if your child is ever in my class. THEN you'll see why I deserve a raise. I do NOT stop working after nine months. My contract was up on May 22nd, and I'm still in the building every day trying to clean my room, organize, etc. I have attended classes this week and will next week as well. I have meetings scheduled this summer and plan to work all summer long to prepare for my students in the Fall. During the school year I stay at school every single day at least an hour past the duty day, after having arrived a half hour before it began. That's a total of 1.5 hours minimum for 175 days, all free of charge to you the tax payer, if you only consider DURING the school year. And thank god I am married to a man who makes a decent living, because when I was single, I couldn't afford my house payment on my starter home in Lawrence. So, while I may not always support our union in everything it does, I do NOT agree that teachers are paid more than they are worth or that we don't deserve a raise. So there.

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Five Guys Burgers set for 31st and Iowa

I was doubtful about this place until my husband made me eat in one in Missouri. I rarely like fastfood cheeseburgers, but this was GREAT!! You HAVE to try the fries - fresh, and they even have a sign telling you the origin of the day's potatos. I got to pick from a large menu the toppings for my burger, and it was actually flavorful. Gotta say, the place was clean and efficient. Duly impressed. I may have to eat 'fast food' a little more often!

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10-year-old gets 'hysterical' for bee win

Isaac, YOU ARE OKIE DOKIE, ARTICHOKIE!! I'm so proud of you!! ...from someone who knows just how cool you are. ; )

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Family slideshow gets modern update

Several years ago I used Kodak Gallery's service where I supplied the addresses, the message, and photos, and THEY mailed out our Christmas cards. The whole thing cost a couple hundred. Sounded great until they screwed up the message on every single card and then only agreed to refund my money for each card I RETURNED. When I pointed out that I had never been in possession of the cards and what was I supposed to do - ask all my friends and family to mail them in at a cost to THEM!? They replied, "Well, surely you can't ask us to refund money on a product we don't even get back." They were absolutely RUDE and I will NEVER do business with them again.

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