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Surprise visit makes Jayhawk fan’s day

I was Tony's teacher back in 6th grade, and I will never forget during a quiet moment in class, when all the kids were working, Tony called out (for everyone to hear),
"I love you, Travis!" to another boy. And it still makes me tear up to this day to remember Travis's reply...
"I love you, too, Tony."
and not a giggle in the room. Tony really was loved!

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Mother, son to graduate from KU together Sunday

This is a fabulous family, with a couple of awesome daughters coming up! Congratulations!

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Bowersock officially opens $25 million power plant on the Kaw

Because the power generated is sold to a grid - not directly to users. That's the way the system is set up.

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Sound Off: Bond presentation

Staff was informed of the details specifically as it related to the school where the meeting was held. Dr. Doll clearly told staff to refrain from promoting the issue on school time and even stressed that his handouts used the wording "please vote" as opposed to "vote for the bond to pass". One staff member asked if it was ok to speak out for the bond on Facebook and was told that what she did on her own time is her business, as long as it was not on school time. The overall message was that staff needed to be informed because parents and students would be/are asking questions.
I suppose the alternative would be NOT to tell the employees?

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Statehouse Live: Teacher retirements, reductions increase dramatically

PaladKik, so do I, and I'm a teacher! My contract is for NINE months, not twelve. The week after school dismissed, I worked for two days. Next week I work three. The following I will work another, then will come back early to set up my classroom. There will probably be more in between. Not complaining, I love my job and (almost) all that goes with it. But why do people still think that teachers work for nine months, get paid for twelve and still get three months of 'vacation'? That's old school thinking!

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Veteran teacher responds to letter’s criticism

First of all, Lawrence teachers DON'T get two months paid time off. Our pay is only during the school year. We have the option of taking some out of each monthly check to put aside for the two months we are out of work instead. Second, about the things you buy with your own money...'the only difference is' that you buy these things for your own use. We buy them for children we are not even related to. And again, this is OUR choice, not mandated. This only supports the argument that we teach because we love our students and we love our work. Not for the money.
And for the record, I'm not a member of the union, but I do concur with all the points in this letter.

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Kansas House votes to end program allowing in-state tuition for illegal immigrants

Because we're talking about young people who had no control over their illegal status, yet now have the intelligence to attend college and are at least able to pay in-state tuition, assuming they currently live in state like other students who pay in-state tuition. And frankly I'd rather have an educated illegal immigrant than an uneducated one. I know several young men and women who were brought to the U.S. very young to escape life-threatening circumstances in other countries, but who are now hard-working young people SO deserving of just the OPPORTUNITY to pay for tuition in the state in which they have lived for a number of years. If a person lives in any given state, they should be allowed to pay in-state tuition in that state. Or at least create programs helping young people attain legal status separate from their parents in order to qualify!!

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KU business dean steps down in wake of allegations over mishandling of differential tuition

This was only provided after MONTHS of demands that it be posted, and it is in no way a detailing of how the funds have been spent over the last 5 years. We're still waiting on that.

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KU business dean steps down in wake of allegations over mishandling of differential tuition

You could if the business school would just share their accounting of how the money was spent, which is exactly what this group of students have been promised, have continued asking for and yet been denied time after time. Want proof? You aren't the only one asking for it.

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