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Legislative panel seeking bids for $3 million efficiency study; Milton Wolf claims a moral victory

Let me guess...a consultant with ties to KPI will get the contract, and probably have an overrun of the $3M.

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Thousands of Kansans mistakenly told they're off Medicaid

are you hiring tech nerds from aca...get it right angie!!!!!!!

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Thousands of Kansans mistakenly told they're off Medicaid

angie....get it right! fix it angie.

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Kansas Republicans gearing up for Obamacare fight

Evil teanut laugh in the background.......

Does ACA have things that can be improved/modified as time goes by...yes, probably.
I'm glad that many working poor folks/low income folks can now afford health insurance now.

I don't understand the almost "vindictiveness" from the GOP/TeaNuts over this, but not farmfare or the many other corporate welfare/entitlements.

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Only in Lawrence: Connie Robertson, for the love of the game

She calls a good & consistent game.
I admire the umpires that consistently show up year after year to do a job where they frequently get criticized to their face. The umpires make the city league possible and enjoyable for many.
SNorton #6 SS - Operation Shutdown

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Editorial: Bad to worse

angie...should more be done for the aging and disabled, and mentally disabled in Kansas? one word answer please.

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All eyes now on Kansas Senate

Money is not evil. It's the " LOVE of money " that is evil.

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Lawrence schools would lose $3.8 million, KU $15 million, under Brownback cuts

Look at the FAT RICH * guys behind the curtain.

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Kansas Legislature: Furlough threat lifted, but 'absolutely stupid' stalemate continues at Statehouse

Agree with you Dorothy. This is what a state looks like under teapublican control. Total gridlock and laws that fit their interpretation of the Bible, but not the times. Just think if one of the several teanuts seeking the Presidency actually gets nominated and then elected. America could be like Kansas is now in a few years.

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Live updates from Day 106 at the Statehouse

Yes, but I believe that sales tax was to decrease or end in a short amount of time (a couple/few years), but Brownback-illegislature kept it at 1%.

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