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Kansas, Missouri university leaders retire with perks

Toe, if the discussion is of university teachers and administrators, the two groups can't be lumped together when it comes to duties and compensation. Teaching faculty members have defined duties and obligations. Unlike administrators, teachers are not allowed to invent themselves and give each other high pay for no other reasons than alleged "market value" and cronyism.

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Wichita might fine residents over use of water

Maybe the City of Wichita will see the light that shines from Topeka and exempt businesses of whatever size from the need to conserve water. How can businesses work the fiscal miracles that justify tax breaks if they have no water to use and probably waste?

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Senate approves bill banning use of tax dollars to advocate for gun control

How about a bill which prohibits the use of tax dollars to advocate in schools against the use of tobacco? Or a bill to prohibit tax dollars used to promote awareness of the dangers of obesity? Tobacco and food are legal products and therefore should pass muster before the Kansas Senate.

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Police cite driver suspected in downtown accident with cyclists

The sentence "Originally, police believed the suspect vehicle had a Cherokee Nation license plate" implies that the original belief was not substantiated later. Clarification is important, especially if there was no such license plate on the suspect vehicle.

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Lawmaker to take another shot at concealed carry

The habitually armed cowboy's idea of entertainment in Earp's day was more likely than not to get drunk when the opportunity arose. If personal security was more an issue then than now it was precisely because many men were openly armed, often three sheets to the wind, and sometimes looking for a fight. The restrictive gun code of Dodge City meant to remove one of the three ingredients of aggravated social insecurity.

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Comment made during trial four years ago dissected by Kansas Supreme Court

What if the prosecutor had urged the jury "to do the right thing." Would that have constituted prosecutorial misconduct in the eyes of the defense attorney? How does the meaning and intent of "give the victim his dignity back" differ from "do the right thing" under the laws of Kansas?

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Child support scrutinized in tickets scam

The following statement in the article means that two payments of $70,000 and two payments of $27,000 were made. What the writer meant to say is two payments were made, one in the amount of $70,000 and the other $27,000.

"Attorneys for the government and Jones’ ex-wife, Alanna Jennifer Jones, now a Missouri resident, in court filings have said Jones in 2010 made two withdrawals of $70,000 and $27,000 each from his retirement account that he accrued through his employment at Kansas Athletics."

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Sound Off: Why did Kansas University block access to Pioneer Cemetery on Memorial Day?

You'd think that would at least verify the premise of the question, in this case that KU blocked access to the cemetery. Why not pass along the question "Why does the City of Lawrence allow known carcinogens in our drinking water?" We can all think of bogus, sensationalistic questions like this one that would flirt with libel if posed as a statement rather than as a question without any basis in fact.

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Lawrence city commission may change law to allow business to sell chicks

"Orscheln officials said that was feasible for the large number of small chicks they house during the spring-time sale."

I think Orscheln officials actually said that (the large space for each chicken) was NOT feasible for the large number of small chicks . . . The current space requirement seems to be the problem for Orscheln and its young poultry.

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Brownback proclaims 'Cowboy Poetry Week'

"with the appropriate celebration" Who would've thought that our governor would promote drinking in the guise of an appreciation for literature?

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