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Downtown Lawrence British restaurant Queen Lizzy's closing Dec. 21, but seeking new location

Was that comment really necessary? It comes across as mean.

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"Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" — Who's your pick?

It has to be Dempsey's. I watch that show, and in my opinion, Dempsey's is the only one that fits the bill. The burgers and fries they serve are amazing, and a surprise because they are served in a dark bar. Dempsey's would do Lawrence proud on the show.

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Mayor says it's time for nonsense

I voted for Boog and I'm proud of it. For the haters - why do you live here? Please move - you have most of the rest of this country to live in so why would you choose to live here? Please move - there's lots of land all around you.

Thank you Boog for making me smile and reminding me of why I moved to Lawrence.

Happy Holidays everyone!!

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Inspections find food code violations

I know someone who used to be a cook at Milton's and it is no shock to me.

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Commissioners discuss drug proposal

David Schauner is such a disappointment! What kind of a "progressive" has a problem with making cannabis offenses low priority? I would expect a "progressive" to support full decriminalization. Since being reelected, Schauner has been a huge disappointment to real progressives in Lawrence. Lawrence progressives better start distancing themselves from him or they won't get a dime out of me!

Amyx is obviously just stuck in the "drug war" mentality. Even if Lawrence is "liberal" it's still in Kansas after all.

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Morris' expenses raise eyebrows

Quite frankly, this is what the people of Kansas deserve for electing her. Keep it up Ms. Morris - you're doing your party proud!

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Sebelius, Mays spar on special session

erichaar - Oh please! Kansas needs a sane moderate leader - not some fundie rethug nut like Mays. Do you really want to live in a state with terrible unfunded schools? What is wrong with you people?

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Are you looking forward to the opening of the Lawrence Farmers Market?

Ceallach - What do you suggest we do to control convicted sex offenders moving into our area? Set up a citizen's review board or something?

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